In the comment section, a visitor leaves a comment along with its data. The data include the individual’s Ip address and the browser that the user uses. We do all that just to prevent spam and that helps us to detect spam.
Any spam activity created from your email address will be blocked from that email address. When an individual does comment on our website. So first that comment needs to be approved by the owner of that website. On the other hand, Your profile picture will also be visible publicly in the comment section.
Uploading Images to website or any other format of Image can be downloaded by the user and they can download any form of data from that image, the data that Image has. We would recommend you do not upload the image.


When every a user leaves a comment on our site or contact us through the contact form. There your name, email address and cookies of the website will be saved. We do this just for the easiest experience of users on our site. These details will stand for a year for your betterment.
An individual tries to log in to the site. There will be a temporary cookie to acknowledge that you accept cookies. The cookie does not include any personal data and get away when a browser is closed.
On users log in we set up cookies to save that information with your permission. These log in information stands for a few days. There will be several options when you log in. First, it will ask that remember me “option” and second, whenever you logged out from site your information will be removed right away.
Several cookies expire on several data. Now it is up to you which option you would choose to perform on your browser.


We publish articles on several topics and sometimes we may need to embed content such as videos, images and another type of content from other sites. Those embedded websites have their own cookies system. They can track your interaction on their website in case you have a logged-in account on their sites. Before visiting those sites make sure that you accept that cookies system or not.
Sometimes we don’t approve comments and sometimes our system approves it automatically just because of that metadata used. And we don’t hold such comments in our queue.
We do store data when a user registers on our website. Every user can edit or delete any information that they have provided while registering.
Feel free to edit and delete your information at any time.

Users Rights:

Whenever you fill a form or leave a comment on our articles. The data which is stored by the website can be provided to the user on their requests. Whatever the website holds about that user can be provided right away and you can request to remove it right away. Your request will be fulfilled quickly.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act:

Children’s privacy protection is very important to us. We don’t any kind of data from those whom we know that are under 13. Our website is not created and we do not post content that attracts users under 13.

Acceptance of Terms:

In last here using our website you indicate the acceptance or Privacy and terms of conditions. If you do not agree with our privacy policy then you do not use our website. Your usage of this website for a long time indicates the acceptance of our policy changes.
If you have any issue regarding our website or policy, please feel free to contact us through the contact form or write to us at [email protected]