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Terms and Conditions of My explore with me

The terms and conditions of our website “My Explore with Me” are list below. Please read it carefully. If you have any concerns regarding our Terms and conditions please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We accept you as a guest here on our website “My Explore with Me”. So please in-order to use our website you must read the Terms and conditions of our site entirely. Please make sure that you don’t use our website without reading the terms and conditions and its acceptance.

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We are mentioning services according to the topic and prevailing to the law.


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Do and Don not follow points 

1: Any visitor on our website will not copy our content in any way. And do not try to reuse our content on any other platform.

2: Do follow the rules and comment section. Any visitor can share their points here, But please do respect each other.

We have the right to remove any comment of user which does not follow our Terms and conditions. We don’t allow comments that have any third-party trademark. And offensive comments. Please do not copy any comment or any other guest post from our website. Do not try to edit our and our guest’s content to post on other platforms.


Visitors may see Hyperlinking on our website. We do Hyperlink to our post on the website “My explore with me” to help users to find relative information to the topic. Here we are concerned with user flexibility. Our main goal is to provide an easy way to find relative content. Providing easy information is our main target.

There are many other websites that may be the hyperlink to our website’s posts to provide safe and useful information to our users and visitors. The owner of the website has the right to accept and reject the link on this website. Users and visitors of this website can request the removal of any link on our site. If you find something that is not favorable to you please do contact us.


We “ My explore with me” all responsible for our content here. We all are responsible for content updates on our site. Your visitors all agree and protect and defend from all claims that are raising on our website.

Reservation of Rights

We and our entire team have complete rights on our website and its content. We have the right to put others post links as a guest or for informational purpose on our site. We have the right to remove any content or link from our website at any time. If something is not favorable to you. You can contact us.


 We do post informative articles and post on “My explore with me” site. All the information on “ My explore with me” is for the visitors who wish and having a plan to visit places. So I do provide information regarding my personal visits to places. I just share my experience here and the information I got from the places I visit. I experience the things and then post my experience here on site. I am an experienced traveler. So in each post and article, I post things about my visits. In my several visits, I have enjoyed many places and at the same time, I have faced many difficult phases on several tours. So I am here to make you aware through this “Disclaimer” document with following all applicable law. Visiting such places or hiking such a place can be a bad experience for you. Here I notify every individual to take action or visit those places on their own. I can not provide any kind of warranty to the conditions and any other circumstances on your tours.

On this “Disclaimer” We notify you that we are not responsible for any conditional changes. If you wish to visit such a place then it is your own decision. Hiking is not suitable for disabled people and have any other health issue. Don’t overload your self with unnecessary things which are not useful on your tour. The visiting place has its law. Every place has its law please do follow their law and rules. Don’t harm nature and other animals. Keep the environment clean and safe. Avoid throwing plastics and chum-gum their just to keep nature and environment clean and safe.


 Visitors and viewers or any-other regular user of our site “My explore with” agree to our all above mentioned points in this “Disclaimer” document.