Things to do

From the beaches to the mountains, San Diego is filled with unique landscapes! There is so much to do in San Diego you will never have a dull moment. Find an article that will suit your needs for your time in San Diego. Whether that be exploring the outdoors, coming for a weekend, or visiting during a certain season you can find it all here!

Outdoor San Diego

The amazing thing about San Diego is that you can explore both the beaches and the mountains in one day. No really! If you really wanted to you could surf the waves of La Jolla Beach in the morning and head to the mountains to ski Big Bear in the evening. How epic is that? There is plenty of outdoors to experience here in San Diego and this section will give you all the guides to adventuring in the great outdoors!

Weekend Adventures in San Diego

Maybe you are from San Diego and looking for a little weekend getaway? Or maybe you are just visiting San Diego for the weekend? Regardless of which weekend adventure is for you, look no further because I have plenty of articles for both scenarios!

Seasonal Adventures in San Diego

Sometimes we visit places for special seasons of the year! If you are like me, I love diving in headfirst for all the holidays. If I could attend every seasonal event I would! Check out this section if you are looking for particular seasonal adventures in San Diego whether that be pumpkin patches or Christmas activities + more!