This is a weird time to be alive. Being told to socially distance yourself from others is an odd thing to comprehend. Being told that you may have to live off of virtual fitness classes-and an even odder thing.

I understand the reasoning for needing to socially distance ourselves from others to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, but it remains weird.

My city isn’t even officially on “lockdown” yet, however, all the gyms have been ordered to shut down for the time being. 

Never in a million years did I think that every single gym in my city would be shut-down. 

Outdoor fitness during COVID

As we are being told it is best to stay inside, this is causing an increase in difficulty in finding ways to keep our bodies moving. 

Research shows that exercising and getting fresh air helps is good for the soul. Thankfully, there are many companies and influencers who have adapted quickly and have created virtual workouts for YOU!

I have compiled a list of San Diego fitness guru’s as well as gyms who are offering virtual workouts, live streaming events, discounted classes, and much more! 



The Movement Warehouse is located in Pacific Beach, San Diego. They are a smaller gym with the cutest outdoor area. In this outdoor area, they host tons of different types of fitness classes. When San Diego is no longer in lockdown mode you really should attend or even host a class here!

Gyms offering workout classes online

The motto of this gym is to help make you better at life through functional strength and mobility training. 

The Movement Warehouse has adapted to this online virtual fitness class world so quickly. They are having their trainers show up and provide free zoom workouts. These workouts include:





Check out their Instagram story highlights on how to “attend” one of these classes.


Although this is not technically a gym, Saffron and Sage are offering a virtual Solitude retreat. Gather from your living room every morning, Monday-Friday at 10 am for a shared experience of guided meditation, movement, breathwork, and sound therapy.

This can help decrease stress, increase lung capacity, and boost your immune system. Check out their website here and sign up for a class.


Ok, this is not a local San Diego fitness gym; however, it is located in the San Francisco area. I used to live in SF and that is why I am adding this gym to my top virtual fitness classes list. 

Uforia studios are not your average fitness gym. They offer spin classes, but my favorite part of what they offer is hip-hop classes. I love finding new, fun ways to exercise and I was so sad when I left SF because I really enjoyed this studio. 

I am so excited because they are offering virtual hip-hop classes for $6.99. The best way to sign up is via Uforia’s website. Set up an account, go to online classes, and sign up!


As you all probably know, so many people are trying to be influencers in today’s day and age. Include myself I guess lol. However, these people have arrived at the perfect time. All these fitness influencers can now promote their home workout programs like none other!

These are some of my favorite San Diego fitness influencers I follow that are offering home workout classes, yoga classes, strength training all via different platforms!

4. Keara Christine @keara.christine

Keara is a San Diego fitness and nutrition guru. She loves helping women build, nourish and love their bodies. Keara was already working on offering lots of classes both in-person and virtually. She tends to post lots of workout videos as well on her Instagram.

Keara quickly adjusted to this self-quarantine lifestyle and is now offering live workouts and virtual fitness classes via her Instagram stories every morning at 930am. The workouts will remain on her IG stories for 24hrs.

I have personally been to some events that Keara has hosted and let me tell you she will make you sweat! So, make sure to check her out and join others in the free live stream, in-home workout!

5. Arielle from @sweatinsd 

Arielle is another San Diego fitness and wellness blogger. She is always trying out new gyms and workout classes in San Diego. She shows you the best places to #sweatinsd. 

Arielle will also be doing online live fitness classes via her Instagram. She is not an instructor herself, but she plans to have fitness instructors host these live classes. She wants to do it as a donation-based workout and then she will give that money to those in need during these hard times. 

There will be a class every day from Wednesday to Sunday. All different instructors and all types of fitness. Here is a sample workout schedule. 

6. Katie from @katiebhappyy 

Katie is another Instagram influencer who focuses on Yoga. If you are looking for more of a meditation and yoga virtual class then Katie can help! 

She has lots of yoga videos on her Instagram page and she is also offering a Surrender series and daily develop sessions to help you get through this crazy time. These sessions will be via zoom on Thursdays at 10 am PST. 

7. Demi from @demibagby

Now, this girl has 2 million followers-that is insane! She has really made a name for herself in the fitness world and she is a San Diego local! She has an app that she has created that includes tons of exercises including bodyweight exercises that can be done at home! 

She also offers a calisthenics course that can teach you how to do handstands, flips and more! This whole self-quarantine time could be a great time to learn some new tricks. 🙂 She does charge for her program, but it is very affordable. 

If you want to check it out then you can learn more here. 


These are not specific to San Diego, but they are classes that can be done from anywhere-especially from the comfort of your home. Some of these apps are even offering their program for free. 

For some of these classes, you will be able to see others participating as well, so it will feel just as if you are a part of the group fitness class-only at home instead. 


Most of you know Peloton for their bikes, but what you may not know is they offer a lot more than just cycling classes through their app. 

They are now extending their Peloton App free trial for 90 days. Stream any class from their library from the comfort of your home! 

9. OBE 

Obe is a new online fitness app that offers simple to follow along with workouts as well. They are hosting live stream workout classes on their Instagram and Facebook. They are also extending their app free trial period.

They even have a section for kids’ workout! 


Katrina and Karena are the ladies behind Tone It Up. I have personally been following their journey for a while now. 

Virtual Fitness Classes from Tone It Up

They offer a tone of free workout resources! They are easy to follow along with and you feel like you actually get a great workout in!

They have both free workout videos on Tone It Up Youtube and then a paid app that they are extending the trial period from one week to 30 days.


I can’t seem to find any info on this quite yet, but I am a 24hr fitness gym member myself and I was told they will offer some free classes in their app as well due to the gyms shutting down. 

If you live in Canada I believe the Goodlife app is equivalent to the 24-hour fitness app. Their website states they are working on digital at-home fitness options as well.


There it is guys! COVID-19 is like no other. None of us have ever experienced this before, so this virtual fitness class world is very new to a lot of us.

I encourage you to look into these resources so that you can stay active during this time! Stay healthy my friends and please let me know in the comments below if you have more free virtual fitness classes to add!


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