Activities for your trip to Nuevo Vallarta

Activities for your trip to Nuevo Vallarta

Imagine sitting on a beach enjoying a Pina Colada or going on a great adventure and zipping through the forest!

Nuevo Vallarta is a beach just north of Puerto Vallarta. It is filled with multiple resorts that are filled with luxurious and beautiful views. Nuevo Vallarta sits on Banderas Bay and is known for its sandy beaches.

1. Hangout by the resort pool

Alright, let’s begin with the basics. Who doesn’t love a day relaxing by the pool with a drink in hand? The hardest decision is to choose which one to stay at.

If you are looking for recommendations then I highly suggest you stay at Vidanta Resorts in Nuevo Vallarta. Check out THIS post for more information about Vidanta Resorts.

2. Las Islas Marietas

Many birdwatchers come to this island to see the blue-footed bobby bird. Others come to explore the marine life and possibly even see humpback whales during the winter months.  These islands have become a very popular tourist activity.

I went on a tour with the Crucero Bahia Alegre group which left from the Puerto Vallarta port.  We first boarded the boat early in the morning, around 8am, and then set sail. Once we arrived at Islas Marietas we were able to snorkel (gear provided), stand up paddle boards, and even kayaks (again boards provided). At this point, they offered for those who have paid to visit the hidden beach to embark on that tour.

Please note: they have now limited the amount of people that can visit the hidden beach per day-and you will have to pay an extra fee. Kind of a bummer, but understandable as they are trying to protect the environment.

On your return trip from the islands you will be able to participate in karaoke, dancing, an open bar, and lunch if you’d like. You will arrive back in port around 5pm and then be able to have the night to yourself to explore. I really enjoyed my entire day with this tour group. They offered great service, I got to sit on the front of the boat and enjoy the sun, and there was an open bar! You can’t beat that!

Check out this other hidden gem that you won’t want to miss when visiting Puerto Vallarta.

3. Extreme adventure zip lining

Ever heard of the show Amazing Race? It has always (and maybe still is) been my dream to be a contestant on that show. If you have never heard of the show it basically is teams of two who race around the world to win a grand prize. At each destination, the teams must compete in a series of mental and physical challenges. If you come in last-you will be eliminated.

You will get to experience “9 thrilling, double-safety wire zip lines, that you can ride however you would like.” You will hike steep mountains, climb a 50ft mesh rope, rappel from tree-tops, swing from a gigantic pendulum, and even sidestep on a high-wire. You really get to test your skills and your possible fear of heights. Lastly, you will get the chance to ride on Mexico’s longest and fastest “Superman” zip line that goes up to 70 miles per hour over the beautiful tropical forest. It is really worth the price.

After you finish your zip lining course they will take you over to their Polaris ATVs for some more extreme adventuring. You will experience a “jungle tour that will test your off-road driving skills on their private off-road course.” You will go down steep grades and cross rocky river beds to only finish the course covered in mud. It is quite the experience. The ATV course really got my heart racing. It was just me in the ATV going as fast as I could-not giving a care in the world how muddy I was getting. It felt like I was going to flip so many times, but I didn’t. The Puerto Vallarta Canopy tours is voted as the safest tour in Mexico. Now that is reassuring!

And you thought that was if for the day! Whelp, you were wrong. You get to finish your day off by riding down the hillside water slide to clean off all that mud and sweat from your previous two adventures.

This is a one-of-a-king tour that I would highly recommend for anyone. The staff is extremely accommodating and friendly. Each challenge is optional, so if you need to skip out on one than you can! No judgements here!

4. Head towards Yelapa

Alright this one is a little more secretive-at least the way we did it. Along the way we made some stops to snorkel, where he was able to pull up starfish and other marine wildlife. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and informative.

We got out of the boat and strolled through a very charming, but small village. It was gorgeous-we were surrounded by the beach on side and green mountains on the other. We began our hike up to see this hidden waterfall. Once we arrived, we jumped in the refreshingly cold water. I even went cliff jumping here. Although it was a bit sketchy to climb up the uneven and slippery rocks to the top it all became worth it when my body and heart jumped off that rock into the cold water below. I love the adrenaline rush I get when jumping from new heights.

After we hiked back down we got back in our boat and headed to the beach town of Yelapa for dinner. Again, this seaside place is only accessible by boat. We were able to enjoy a nice Mexican dinner while sitting beachfront before heading back to town. It was another full day of adventure that I again highly recommend doing.

That’s a wrap for my suggestions of what to do on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta. I hope you have gained some insight to how beautiful and adventurous Mexico is. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in Mexico!

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