Alright! So, you have finally decided you are going to take a trip to visit beautiful Patagonia, but you don’t know what to pack. 

Trust me when I visited Patagonia I didn’t really know what to pack either and I felt like there weren’t many articles out there on how I should back. So, I am here to help you settle it all and give you my exact Patagonia packing list.

Backpacking back for Patagonia

Now, I visited Patagonia during the first week of March and I was very blessed with nice weather, but I did pack and prepare for all types of weather. 

If you are still working on your itinerary you can check out my 10-day itinerary or my essential things to know about Patagonia articles for some guidance. 

This Patagonia packing list is geared towards those who plan to do a lot of hiking while in Patagonia. Lastly, please note that this article is written by a girl, but a lot of it can apply to males too!

Packing for Seasons

If you haven’t already heard, the weather can be very Bi-polar in Patagonia; therefore, when visiting Patagonia you should really pack for and prepare for any kind of weather. 

The most popular season for hiking and backpacking is from October to March. This is the time where you are most likely to get the best weather. The winter months in Patagonia are from June -August. If you are visiting during the winter then that is a whole different ball game. 

Plus, a lot of the National Parks in Patagonia are closed in the winter, so I don’t even recommend visiting at this time anyways. 

The one thing I was told prior to going on my trip was to prepare for all 4 seasons. 

Hiking Essentials

Let’s start with the hiking essentials. We will get into the specifics of clothing later. There are three main things that I personally think will help you have a solid foundation. You want to make sure you have a good pair of hiking shoes to hike with, a comfortable daypack for hiking, and a good travel bag. 

So, let’s start with hiking shoes specifically. Everyone’s feet are different, so I recommend that you go to REI to try some shoes on prior to purchasing them. I also recommend breaking in your shoes prior to this trip. 

Do not plan to wear them for the first time ever for this trip. No bueno. 

I personally enjoy wearing a hiking boot that covers my ankles for support, so I tend to recommend the KEEN Terradora boots or the KEEN Targhee boots. I have also heard great things about the Danner 600 boots and am dying to get some. 

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The next most important thing to bring is a comfortable day hiking pack. There are several different options for day packs. I have a few myself. 

It all depends on how much stuff you plan to carry. I have two different sized day packs. I brought my 35L Gonex pack because I knew I would be on long hikes and needed to carry a lot. But if you don’t plan to do the longer hikes then I would recommend the Osprey 20L daypack. 

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Hiking bag and trekking poles for Patagonia

Lastly, you will need an easy travel bag to get to Patagonia. I tend to bring my backpacking bag and use it as a suitcase when going on trips that mainly involve hiking. I brought my Osprey Aura AG 50L pack.

I love bringing this backpacking bag and using it as my suitcase. It makes it so easy to carry around when traveling. I don’t have to check it and it forces me to be a minimalist with my packing. 

Hiking Clothes

Alright! Now that you have your main essentials we can start thinking about the actual clothes that you will need to bring! 

Let’s start with the bottom layer. Oh, and layers will be key. As I previously stated, you will want to prepare for all weather seasons. So, this is how you properly layer for the top half of your body. 

Base layer

Insulation layer (fleece)

Heavy down


Let’s start with the base layer. This will just be a good layer to keep you warm. Think of something you would wear under ski clothes. Like thermals. There are so many options for base layers that you can check out here.

Make sure to grab a top and bottom base layer for those extra cold days. This was super beneficial for me when we went to the Perito Moreno Glacier and it was freezing. 

I recommend bringing a few hiking shirts both short-sleeve and long-sleeve as well for your hikes. There are lots of options out there, but I recommend getting a sweat-wicking one and one that covers your shoulders to protect your shoulders from the sun and the straps of your backpack. 

Next up is your insulation layer, aka a fleece layer. I personally love my pullover Patagonia fleece, but if you are looking for a more affordable option this Columbia jacket from Amazon is a great deal.

You can then layer up with a down jacket next. These are classic “puffy” looking jackets. I have one in almost every color. The Patagonia nano puff is my favorite. 

Lastly, you will definitely want to bring a waterproof rain jacket. If you can afford a Goretex jacket you will be super thankful on those rainy days. If you can’t then I recommend the Patagonia Torrentshell jacket

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Ok, now let’s talk about hiking pants. Again, for those cold days, you will want to make sure to layer with a base layer underneath. 

I brought a few different pairs of pants in all different colors. Gotta switch it up for pictures right? 🙂

So, I personally feel extremely comfortable in my lululemon Align Pants, so I brought those. 

I then brought a pair of super comfortable yellow leggings from Astoria. Everyone seems to love the bright yellow color. 

You can use code CHELSEYEVANS15 for a discount on their website.

Ultimate Patagonia Packing List

Lastly, I brought an actual pair of water repellant hiking pants. The ones I have are no longer available, but they are very similar to the Prana pants.

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Clothes for around town 

This one will be a personal preference for you! I always like to bring at least 1-2 “going out” outfits. They don’t need to be fancy, just something a little more than hiking clothes.

So, for this Patagonia trip I brought 1 pair of jeans, one cute pullover sweater from Patagonia, 1 long sleeve striped tee and one short sleave T-shirt.

For shoes other than my hiking boots I brought my knock off Birkenstock’s and my converse. I wanted a pair of sandal like shoes to wear around our hostel rooms, and then a warmer pair of shoes for walking around town and the airplane.

Other than that, I didn’t really bring any other going out clothes. Occasionally I will pack one comfy dress that can easily be dressed up or down, but for this trip I knew that would be too cold anyway and the main focus of the trip was hiking.

Patagonia Packing List

Extra Garments 

Buff: Buff’s are great for any scenario really. You can use them as a neck warmer, a headband, a way to block dust from getting into your mouth! My friend loves collecting Buff’s from all over the world and I think they are just so cute. 

Beanie: You will definitely want to bring a beanie. This is my all-time favorite beanie for females.I love it because you can put your hair through the top of it. I love wearing a ponytail hiking and this allows me to still keep my ears warm. 

Hat: Always gotta protect the face. I brought one hat with me. Of course, I brought my Patagonia hat baseball cap 🙂

Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia

Gloves: Regardless of the season you plan to go, I recommend bringing gloves. It can get cold at the mountain top and I used my gloves for the glacier day. The glacier does offer gloves, but I was so cold that I wore my gloves and the ones they provided. 

Socks: Hiking socks are super important to me. I always wear wool socks when hiking. My favorite brand is Smartwool. I usually get taller hiking socks that go over the ankles. 

Bras/Underwear: I always bring lots of these. There is nothing better than feeling clean down under.

Patagonia Packing List: Accessories

Hiking Poles: If you already have hiking poles then bring them with you if not there are a lot of places that rent hiking poles. I don’t personally own my own, so I don’t really have recommendations for them. 

Headlamp: I bring my headlamp with me on any travel trip. It is perfect for anything-including looking thorough your bag when it is dark out. 

Toiletry Bag: Each person has there own personal favorite toiletry bag. This is my favorite. It fits my elaborate skincare routine and has worked well for all my vacations.

Packing Cubes: This was actually the first trip I ever used packing cubes and I LOVED IT! Never going back! It worked especially well with my backpacking bag. It helped keep everything so organized. I got these ones from Amazon! 

Camelback: On of my most favorite hiking accessories! It makes drinking water so much easier! I also usually bring my water bottle as well. I drink a lot of water 🙂

Sunscreen: As a part of my elaborate skincare routine, I put on sunscreen every morning. 

Patagonia Packing List: Technology 

Ohhh Technology. We can’t live without it, can we?

I am assuming you will also be bringing a lot of technology for your Patagonia trip in order to capture all those epic photo spots. So, here is what I recommend for technology along with the exact products I brought with me.

My camera: I have a Canon 5D mark ii. It is a super old version, but I love it. I would recommend getting the newest version I linked though.

If you can’t afford the large expensive camera that is ok too! I recommend the Canon Powershot for a more affordable option that still offers great quality.

Lens: I only brought my 24-70 f4 lens, but I had wish I also brought my 70-200 f2.8 lens to really compress the background of some of my images.

Universal Plug: I have this exact universal plug and it is the perfect thing for when traveling internationally. It’s a one-stop shop item. This way you don’t have to purchase a ton of different plugs for each country.

Portable charger: This is a lifesaver item, especially if you are stuck on a bus for a few hours that doesn’t have a USB port. This one is great for day to to day and this solar one is great for backpacking.

Chargers: Don’t forget to bring all the charging cords for each item you bring!

Backpacking Equipment

Now, since I did not go backpacking while I was in Patagonia I am not going to include all my camping and backpacking gear in this Patagonia packing list article. If you are interested in my favorite backpacking gear items then check out my complete beginner’s guide to backpacking article

Or you can download my complete backpacking list below!

What not to wear in Patagonia

This is a question that I get asked a lot. Patagonia is really known for the ultimate hiking place, so honestly, I don’t recommend packing much more than hiking gear.

It is always best to avoid cotton materials when hiking. Synthetic fibers are the best. Avoid bringing your nicest clothes! You are there to adventure!

Final thoughts from your outdoor-loving girl

There it is! I hope this helps prepare you for your trip to Patagonia. Please feel free to download the packing checklist that you can print off and use while packing!

I’d love to know in the comments what your favorite gear items are!

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