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In one of my previous posts-I wrote about what kind of activities to do when visiting Nuevo Vallarta, but for this post I’m going to talk about some specific activities to do just at Vidanta Resorts. This resort is absolutely insane! If you haven’t read my post about where you should stay in Nuevo Vallarta then make sure to check it out HERE.

You literally could just stay at this resort and be entertained. So, let me break down for you just a few of the thousands of options for you at Vidanta Resorts.

1. Hangout on your room’s balcony

Alright, I know this may sound boring at first, but some of these hotel rooms are incredible. The room I personally stayed in had a personal jacuzzi on the deck with a view seen in the picture below. I mean who wouldn’t mind enjoying a nice cocktail while in your own private spa?

If you don’t want to hangout on the deck, enjoy some quality time with your travel partners inside one of the luxurious rooms. Lastly, you can have a massage therapist come to your room! The room I stayed in had a private, little room with a massage be already in it ready to go! So really you could spend a whole day just in the hotel room itself. Start by making a nice, homemade breakfast, playing some card or board games, order lunch in and a massage, then spend your night sitting on the balcony in the spa with a sunset view!

2. Head to the Santuario

Head to the center of “town” for some night time activities. This is definitely the place to be most nights. The place transforms as the sun goes down. Personally, while I was staying at Vidanta, they had an 80s night, an acrobatic show, and a dance show. This is quite the entertainment space. It is open all day, so you can head there in the morning for your cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful scenery and then head there again at night. Drinks and food are served during the “shows.”

You may even run into some famous people here if you’re lucky. The Santuario is a popular filming location for the show “The Bachelor.” They tend to have a lot of the date nights in the middle of the Santuario, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

3. Dine in or Eat out

The Vidanta Resort really is a one stop shop. It has every cuisine you could possibly think of. If you are feeling really fancy then maybe order breakfast in or make a reservation for a nice dinner out. Make sure to check out La Cantina for a fun night out with some delicious Mexican food. La Cantina is right on the water and you will get to experience a water light show while you eat. As silly as this may sound: make sure to check out “The Burger Custom Made” for a fancier night out. There are so many more options, but these were just two of my favorites. Check out a full list of dining Here.

4. Head to the pool

If you’re going to Mexico then you are most likely looking to relax by a pool. Vidanta Resorts offers multiple different pools. Some for relaxing and some for fun. Almost all the pools have a bar as well, so don’t worry! The Grand Mayan Hotel has a kids aqua park, a lazy river, a wave pool and a slide! Not going to lie-the slide was pretty fun even for an adult like myself. Although, I like to still think I am a kid at heart.

5. Take advantage of the golf carts

The property is SO huge that the provide golf cart rides around the property to help you get from one place to another. I mean you can walk everywhere, but that would take AWHILE. Make sure to grab a map of the golf cart routes and hop on one to get to your destination faster.

6. Watch the Lake Light Show

As I previously stated, you can watch a spectacular light show over the lake while eating dinner at La Cantina. Every 30 minutes after sunset the lake displays a beautiful show full of fountains, lights and music. Feel free to enjoy the show more than once as it is different every night.

There are so many more fun activities to do at Vidanta Resorts itself like walk on the beach, have a spa day, workout in the gym, etc. The list really does go on and on. If you are heading to Nuevo Vallarta this is a must stay at kind of place-5 star review from me!

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