A brand new college student. There are some things I wish I had known at that age-some things I wish people had told me. Matter of fact, even some things I wish I would have listened to when people did tell me.

Right now there is a “fad” going on to post a photo of yourself from 10 years ago vs now; however, I felt I wanted to do more.

Some Practical Things:

1. Wear sunscreen every single day!

I am paying the price for this one currently. Also, I would hardly put it on my face, which is where I am currently reaping the wrath of the sun. I have developed major sun spots across my forehead, under my eyes, and above my upper lip. Thanks to Rodan and Fields Reverse line, I have been able to reverse these effects mostly. Although the sunspots are not completely gone, they are MUCH better. I learned my lesson and now wear sunscreen every day even when I know I am going to be mostly inside all day.

2. Lifting weights will NOT make you bulky

I always had it in my head that if I were to lift weights as a girl I would become “bulky.” No girl ever wants this, so what did I do for exercise. Treadmill, stair-master, treadmill, stair-master, elliptical, treadmill…you get the point. I would maybe sneak in some bicep curls, but only using a 7.5lb weight. Let me tell you something ladies! IT IS SO HARD TO GET BULKY. I have now had a change in my workout mentality and pretty much only lift weights and I am not anything near bulky. If you want to read more about my fitness journey make sure to check out the fitness section of my blog.

3. Dress a little cuter

I was quite the tomboy in high school, especially in the way I dressed. You could find me hiking in some basketball shorts and my brothers t-shirt. Now, I am not trying to say I would have changed the way I was, but I am trying to say I wish I would have been a little more fashionable. Why? Because I am now a middle aged 20 year old trying to figure out fashion…Yikes!

Some Intimate Things:

4. Don’t enter into college with a boyfriend

This one can be a touchy subject. I guess my advice would be: if you seriously think you are going to marry that person and they are a good fit for you then keep doing what you’re doing. However, I really do think you should enter college with a fresh mind and a fresh start. College is a whole new world and you want to be able to be fully present. My high school boyfriend and I broke up about two weeks before I left for college and let me tell you-it just created for disaster and heartbreak. Not, a good way to start off college.

5. Invest in Family

I can’t speak for all, but your family members are the ones who always have your back. Make sure to take time to really invest in them. Get to know them, ask them the deep questions, become their best friend. Love them hard.

6. Create quality friendships

This one is something I wouldn’t necessarily change about myself. I believe I made some quality friends in high school and college. Friends that have lasted through today. Friends that have been there for me. This one is just a reminder to remember to also invest in your friends alongside your family. Friends are family. Create quality and lasting relationships.

The Final Four:

7. Learn how to be confident in yourself

Practice your power stance in the mirror. Tell yourself encouraging statements. Do things that make you feel well and alive (in a healthy and good way). I would say I truly did not feel confident in myself until two years ago. This is something I am still working on, but thanks to my husband he has really helped me change how I view myself.

8. Travel Travel Travel

I can’t stress this enough! Unless you a are a complete homebody (which is fine too) get out there and travel. Especially before you get married. Take advantage of traveling with your friends and even solo! I am so appreciative of all my travel/adventure memories with my friends and am thankful that I have found a husband who now travels with me 🙂

9. Figure out your passions and actually pursue them

Try to figure out what you are super passionate about. Whether that be travel, politics, working out, etc. figure it out and go ALL IN! I think I knew my passions early on in life, but didn’t do much about it. I regret not being more passionate about certain things that I am now super passionate about now. So, I recommend exploring and figuring it out. I feel like I started really pursuing my passions too late and now I am trying to play catch up.

10. Be the first to reach out

What I mean by this is: don’t wait around for friends to text you, text them.  Life is full of lonely people waiting for someone else to make the first move. This is another one I am currently still working on. Sometimes I struggle with reaching out to others because I want people to reach out to me. I have to remember that it is a two way road though.

Alright, fine-if you have read through this entire post then you deserve to see a photo of my #10yearphotochallenge. Here it is! Thanks for reading!

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