Summer is here, which means it is time for most of you to travel! Most of us prefer to travel during those warm summer months! At least that is how it is for me here in the USA. For me, travel is all times of the year, but I love seeing photos of you guys out on your adventures! Hashtags have become super popular on Instagram these days. 

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    They are a way to get your photo seen by a larger crowd of people who are in your niche and they also are a way of potentially getting your photo re-shared like this photo here. @choosemountainswomen So again, with this new Instagram algorithm, one of the best ways to gain traffic organically is through the use of hashtags.

    Firstly, if you don’t know this already-Instagram only allows up to 30 hashtags per post. I suggest using all 30. Not only do I use travel hashtags on Instagram, but I use hashtags that pertain to the place I am located in the picture. For example, #SanDiego is a popular hashtag I use for my pictures in San Diego and because this is also where I live. 

    10 best travel hashtags for instagram


    2. #WeAreTravelGirls 

    This is one of my all-time favorite accounts and hashtags. I have always wanted to go on one of their trips. 

    3. #Sheisnotlost

    I love the meaning behind the #sheisnotlost. Lots of females love to travel and feel free, but they aren’t lost.

    4. #Girlswhotravel

    Such a great hashtag for women! Incorporates ALL things travel

    5. #womentravelphotographers

    Maybe I love this one so much because I am a personal contributor, but seriously it is a great new account for women who love traveling and taking photos

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    6. #peoplewhoroam

    This one is for anyone who loves to roam. Male and female included

    7. #TravelGram

    The perfect hashtag for any time you are out exploring the world

    8. #choosemountainswomen

    9. #DameTraveler

    Again this hashtag is for all things travel! 

    10. #travelgirlsgo

    Ladies this hashtag is for you! Get out there and go travel! 

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    You can find lots more hashtags from my free hashtag library below!

    Tell me in the comments below, what hashtags do you use for travel?

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    1. I never think about the best hashtags before I post, but I definitely should be. Mine usually say #travel or #vacation or something lame. lol. I do usually include the location in the hashtag somehow, but I’ll be keeping this in mind in the future.

      1. Definitely research some good travel accounts to use for hashtags. The more specific the better and the more likely you will get your picture reposted.

    2. Super helpful article! I knew a lot of these but learned new ones! Love Women Travel Photographers! Thank you for putting this together!!! If you would love to be featured on our podcast or blog, def check out via our site info via ambassadors page and/or send an email:)

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