Recap of my first phase

Wow-I did it! Eight whole weeks of bulking. Never did I ever think in my life that I would partake in this whole cutting and bulking lifestyle  Bulking and cutting essentially is about how you integrate your caloric intake based on macro nutrients and your workout routines. I am currently in the bulking phase.

I am eating more calories and more carbs than I ever have before and to be honest I am not hating it. Although, I did hate it at first. Not only has my body become accustomed to eating so many calories in one day, but my body craves those calories and carbs. I need them for my muscles to grow and to feel strong during my workouts.

The first lesson I have learned is Food=Muscle

You have to eat in order to grow the muscle. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely days I don’t feel the skinniest and yes, I have lost my abs for the most part, but by no means do I

There are definitely days that have become difficult to meet my macro-nutrient requirements if I have not prepared myself ahead of time.

Second Lesson I have learned=Meal Prepping is Key

I have learned that I need to meal prep on a weekly basis and really plan out my meals for the day in order to meet all my macro nutrient requirements. If you want to read more about how I efficiently meal plan then check my meal planning post out HERE.

I have always had the body type of a ‘skinny fat’ girl. I could eat whatever I wanted to eat and not really gain any weight (nor muscle); therefore being ‘skinny’ but ‘fat’ in the sense that I was unhealthy nutritionally. You have to lift weights to gain muscle and it is crazy how much your muscles will grow!

Third Lesson=Muscles DO grow

For example, I started this program by squatting 65lbs at an 8-10 rep range and I have worked my way up to now squatting 79.5lbs at an 8-10 rep range. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I used to not even be able to squat the 45lb bar itself. My muscles have grown, my butt has grown, my arms look more toned, and overall I am loving how my body is transforming.

Lastly, I used to be extremely afraid of lifting weights-not only because it was intimidating, but also because I thought I was just going to blow up like a balloon and become huge. Like those female bodybuilders you see who compete.

This is not possible-at least not right away and not without taking steroids. It takes A TON of work. Enough to tell a difference, but not enough for me to look like a complete bodybuilder.

My workout routines will change a bit, my muscles will continue to grow and I get to continue to eat carbs! Phase 2 begins on this upcoming Monday, so keep an eye out for another post on my updated workout routine and how phase 2 is going for me.

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