Reef Experience

The Reef Experience

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! If you want to experience the Great Barrier Reef and have ample amount of time in the water then head on over to Reef Experience and book your next trip.

 If you want to book a day trip to see the Great Barrier Reef then this is the perfect company to choose.

 So, what all is included in this Day Tour?

-Shuttle Bus-if you are staying in Cairns the shuttle will pick you up and drop you off

-Breakfast:One of the best boat breakfasts’ I’ve had. An egg, bacon and cheese homemade (on the boat) sandwich with fresh fruit and coffee

-Marine Biology Presentation

-Snorkeling with all the gear and stinger suits provided

-Two different snorkeling locations

-Free introduction to scuba diving with all the gear provided-such a good deal!


-Glass bottom boat tour if you have people with you that don’t want to scuba or snorkel

-Wine, cheese and crackers for an afternoon snack

-Sunscreen and ginger pills if you get nauseous

-Go-pro products like the red screen or rent a go-pro for the day

-Open top deck for sunbathing

-Friendly Staff!

The Reef Experience also has their “Top Deck Club” package that you can purchase. This includes a private valet, a special eating area, and an in water guide. Personally, I didn’t think this package was worth the price, so I chose the basic day tour.

The basic day tour, which includes quite a bit costs $205. There was probably about 50 people on the boat, but it did not feel crowded at all. The boat was large enough that it felt very spacious. This is a full day adventure! You will be out on the boat for about 5.5hrs and then come back in to town and either catch a shuttle home or stay hang in the town of Cairns, have a drink and watch the sunset. Overall, I would highly recommend using this company for your next tour of the Great Barrier Reef.

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  1. I love anything about Australia, especially having lived their for a bit and the Reef is definitely one of them! To experience such diversity in marine life is incredible, and getting to go out to see with such beautiful views just adds to it!

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