Some Activities to do in Australia

1. See a show at the Sydney Opera House


Want to dress up and be all fancy? This is the perfect setting-book a show to see inside the Sydney Opera House ahead of time. If you don’t want to see a show you can always take a tour of the Opera House as well. Do not skip out on this adventure-it is well worth it. Check the link below for more information on tickets and tours.

2. Bike Across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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If you love being active, but don’t exactly want to quote on quote workout while on vacation, then this could be the perfect adventure for you! We rented bikes from a cute little bike shop down the street from our hotel called Bonza Bike Tours.They have both bike for hire/rent or if you are looking for a more guided tour of Sydney than you can use this company for group or private tours as well!.

3. Visit Manly Beach


Check out the waves bro! Wanna hangout where lots of professional surfers hit up some waves, then go on and take a boat ride over to Manly Beach. It is about a 30 minute ride and you can get some great shots of the front of the Opera House as well! So go on and get that tan on!

4. Hike Blue Mountains

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Get those legs moving! Take a 2hr train ride from Sydney’s Central station, hop off, and then hop on the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus for $50 (a big red double bus). The bus takes you all around the Blue Mountains making pit stops along the way that you can get out and do little hikes at or big hikes. There are lots of options for hiking, but if you like a challenge and a booty burner then I highly suggest hiking down to Went-worth Falls (pictured above). Link below for the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus. This bus is really the only way to get around the Blue Mountains unless you have a personal car, so I highly suggest spending the $50 for the bus ride. You can also purchase tickets right when you get off the train.

5. Ride a ride at Luna Park

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If you are staying in Sydney then you won’t miss the lit up Ferris Wheel at night across the Bay. It is such a beautiful sight! Now you ask what is it? It’s Luna Park! A small amusement park along the board-walk of Mil-sons Point-just across the bay from the Sydney Harbor Bridge. You can take a water taxi or ride a bike across the bridge to get to the park! There are some fun rides, like a crazy mouse roller-coaster and a Ferris Wheel along with carnival games and carnival food. It really makes for a fun day with some awesome views.

6. Attend a Rooster’s Rugby Game

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If you love sports-or even if you don’t-head on over to a Rugby game at the Allianz stadium and root for the local Roosters. Their colors are red, white and blue, so grab your fan gear and head on out to cheer for those men when they score a “try.” Check the link below for the Roosters schedule.

7. Bungy Jump the AJ Hackett Bungy


Check out the AJ Hackett Bungy Jump in Cairns. Jump from 164ft up and even get your head dunked in water on the way down if you’d like. This is definitely an adventure of a lifetime.

8. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef


Of course if you visit Australia then you MUST check out the Great Barrier Reef. You can’t do Australia and not check out the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkel or Scuba Dive and see many animals and fish that you have probably never seen before in the some of the bluest waters.

9. Hold a Koala Bear


What do you think of when you go to Australia? Of course-cute and cuddly Koala Bears. Now you’re thinking how do I hold one of them? Head on over to Kuranda Koalas Garden in Cairns. You get to take s sky tram all the way up to the Gardens. Enjoy some beautiful scenery along the way and even hop off the sky tram at two spots along the way for some hikes. Once you reach the top, you will enter a little town and there will be signs directing you to the Kuranda Koala Garden-head that way and hold a Koala.

10. Swim at the Iceberg Pools in Bondi Beach


Pay a small $7 fee and you can swim in them yourself! Hangout on the beach nearby, grab and acai bowl for lunch, then head on over to the Iceberg pools for a little dip. It is quite the experience to try to swim laps while the ocean waves are crashing into the pool.

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