Making the most of rain on your honeymoon

In this post I am going to share some practical ideas of what you can do to make the most of your honeymoon or vacation while it’s raining.

It rained all day the first day we arrived in Sydney, Australia, but thankfully the rain let up after that and we had 4 straight days of sun! My favorite! The sun just brings me so much happiness and I feel alive inside when I get to be in the sun!

After Sydney, we headed to Cairns which is a more tropical area of Australia. Unfortunately, due to this tropical weather we had two days of rain while in Cairns, but on the bright side it was still 80 degrees out! 

Let’s get to it!

1.Stay fit!-Find a nearby gym and sign up for a day pass and get your workout in for the day or find a one-time class to join like Yoga or spin class! My husband and I chose to find a local gym and do a workout together.

2. Treat yo self-Go get yourself a massage and enjoy a nice bubbly drink! My husband and I chose to get massages and facials at the resort we were staying in Cairns. It was both relaxing and kept us out of the rain

3. Find the romance inside-Grab your loved one, order some pizza and wine, cuddle up and rent a movie and enjoy your quality time with each other! 

4. Embrace the rain!– We were at Bondi Beach and we wanted to see the iconic Iceberg Pools. When we arrived we both thought “there is no way we can come to Bondi and not take a swim in the pools.” So we did! Rain and all! It was so much fun (and cold)

5. Step out of your comfort zone and do something you wouldn’t normally do-for me that would be going to an art museum or lots of shopping! My husband and I chose to go shopping one afternoon and each pick out outfits for one another to wear to the performance at the Sydney Opera House that night! Make a game out of it and you will have fun 🙂

6. Try a new place to eat-go out and grab a bite to eat, have some wine, and order a WARM dessert

So, that’s it! Don’t be afraid of the rain. Embrace it and think out of the box! Don’t let it ruin your vacation or honeymoon.

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