Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought “hmm I may want to retake that one.” I know I have. Most of the time we are too hard on ourselves with how we look in photos, but if you want to feel extra confident about your photos than I have some tips for you. Below are some of the best photo pose for girls.

photo pose for girls

These photo poses can work for guys as well! They will help you look and feel more photogenic and you will probably like the result of the picture even more.

These poses can also be super helpful if you are a photographer and are looking to help pose your subject.

Sometimes, posing your subject is the hardest part! Most of the time people don’t know what to do in pictures, so the following tips can help you direct them.

For the photographer behind the camera here are 25 ways to improve your photography skills.


Sitting in photos can make for some extremely awkward and unflattering looking poses. There are a few key things to think about when taking a photo whilst sitting. 


If sitting on a bed try placing your leg out and over your other leg. You want to create lines in your composition with your body. 


Instead of sitting Cris-cross applesauce try bringing one leg up and relaxing your arms on the bent leg. This is a great photo pose, especially for guys. 

how to look slimmer in photos

Again, instead of sitting on the ground in a Cris-cross position, try getting up on both of your knees. The goal is to make a triangle position with your legs.


3. Are you tired of having the same photo as everyone else? Try something different! Standing in front of the main object of attraction can get boring. Try having the photographer switch up the angle of the camera when taking the photo. 

photogenic poses


4. If you are wearing a long and bulky coat try elongating your body to make yourself look slimmer. Bring out your front leg and point your toe forward. 

how to pose a girl for photos

5. Being the subject of a photo can be stressful for some people. When you are stressed out it naturally puts pressure on your body and makes us look larger than we are. Most people tend to look stiff in photos. Try relaxing and separating your arms from your body and remember to put the weight on your back leg. 

6. Have the photographer take the picture from above instead of from down below. By taking the photo from above you are essentially making yourself appear slimmer. 

7. If you are wearing a baggy sweater, like I do almost every day in the wintertime, try turning to the side for the photo. Taking a forward-facing photo with a baggy sweater on offers no shape to your body. 

posing for photos

8. Feeling bloated or don’t like how your stomach looks? Instead of facing forward towards the camera and covering yourself with your arms where you feel discomfort try facing sideways and pop one knee out. 


9. If there is a prop available try using it. Whether that is holding a coffee cup or touching the hat you are wearing try interacting with them. This will help create some dimension to the photo. 

photo pose for girls use props

10. Try adding some movement into your photo. If you are walking and carrying a purse try swinging the purse a little bit and stepping forward with one foot to create a dramatic effect. If you are wearing a scarf, use it as a prop and create some movement with it. Toss one end up the scarf in front of the camera for another dramatic effect. 


11. It may sound dumb, but fake laughing makes a photo WAY cuter. First of all, it makes it look like you are having the time of your life. Second, everyone loves a girl smiling and third most of the time you will actually make yourself laugh for real. 

Flip your hair for photos

12. Create the lip gap that you see in all the famous model photos. How you do this is by inhaling followed by exhaling. When you exhale have the photographer take the photo. This will create that lip gap look. 

13. Use lines in your composition. If there are branches around or some cool shadows then try using those to your advantage. Break the lines in your image. If wearing a jacket, instead of holding onto the jacket in the same spot on each side try holding one hand at the top of the jacket and the other at the bottom. 

stagger your arms in photos

14. Most of you probably know this one already, but try having frontal lighting. If possible look into the sun or have some lighting on your face when having your photo taken. This will make you look better and will brighten up your face. 

15. Selfie tips! Want to make your eyes look bigger? Look down when looking into the camera lens. Want to make your lips look bigger? You guessed it! Look up! 

16. Alright, ladies, I know you are going to ask about this one. How do I make my butt look bigger? This is a tricky one, but basically you have to contort your body and stick your back leg out. Squeeze those butt muscles together and BAM you got a big booty!

How to make your butt look big


These tips have worked great for me when I travel. Most of the time I do not want to have to ask a stranger to take the photo again because I don’t like how I look in the photo. Knowing how to pose ahead can help prevent asking the said stranger to re-take my photo.



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  1. I love these tips! Especially the long coat one. Who knew changing the position of your foot could have such a drastic effect on a photo? Thanks for the examples too!

  2. These are GREAT tips and so timely, since I have made it a goal to take more photos. I’ll def be giving these a try to up my sexy photo-wise lol… Thanks for sharing!

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