Yummm Carbs: My Sample Bulking Meal

If you haven’t read any of my fitness posts then head on over to that section to learn more about what I am referring to in the post. Here is a quick snippet of what I am talking about in this post. Bulking. How to properly feed your body during bulking season in order to gain muscle and add weight to your lifts.

In order to properly bulk you’ll need to eat more calories than you burn every day. When you first start it feels like A TON of food, but then your body gets used to it and you start to feel more confident with what you are doing, how much you are eating, and how well your lifts are improving.

Both Bulking and Cutting require you to count your macros and calories. Today, I am only going to go over bulking because that’s the phase I am currently in; however, keep an eye out for my cutting meal plan come August.

Now, I know counting your calories and macros sounds annoying and to be honest it is at times, but that’s the only way to do this thing properly. So just suck it up and do it. It gets easier with time I promise. MyFitnessPal keeps all your info you enter, so eventually most of your foods are already stored in the app and you can quickly add them to your food diary. Here is a break down of what you should be eating based on your macros:

I am about 100lbs so my macros would be as follows:

100 gm protein, 200 gm of carbs, 40gm fat per day

My recommend calories for bulking is about 1,700 calories/day (there is a whole equation to figure out how many calories you should be eating per day. Feel free to contact me if you want help with figuring out what your calorie intake should be)

So with all that said here is a sample of what I eat on a daily basis:

Sample Bulking Daily Intake for 100lb Female


630am Rice Cake before work
930am 1 Brown Egg, 1/3 cup egg whites and a slice of whole wheat bread 


1130 Apple with a 2tbsp of Peanut Butter 


100pm Some sort of meal that contains chicken

              1/2 cup of Green beans
              1/2 of a Russet Potatoes


330pm Teriyaki Beef Jerkey 

Post Workout Shake 

500pm Tone it up Vanilla Protein Powder with 1/2 a banana and 40z of Almond Milk


700pm Again another meal with chicken
             1/2 cup of Green beans
             1 Cup of brown rice

Here a few things I have learned so far with bulking:

  • It is a lot of food at first, but just like anything once you get a routine it becomes easier
  • Fat is in everything-I definitely need to watch my fat intake otherwise I will go over without even realizing it
  • Chicken has so much protein and it definitely seems like it needs to be in at least either my lunch or dinner meal to meet my macros
  • Tone it Up protein powder is so good and they just came up with new amazing flavors, which have allowed me to spice up my protein shakes
  • Turkey has a lot of fat in it, so if you choose to have turkey just keep an eye out on your fat intake, whether that be turkey burgers, turkey meatballs, ground turkey just watch the fat intake
  • Red meat also has a lot of high fat
  • Turkey and Red meat aren’t bad for you though. They have a lot of the “good fat” in them too
  • I have been able to cook a lot of new meals
  • You GET to have carbs with every meal! (healthy carbs though)
  • You will gain weight-that’s supposed to happen and it’s OK
  • You will “bloat up”-that’s supposed to happen and again It’s OK

If you want to try out the protein powder I use you can grab it at your local Target. I am lactose intolerant, so this protein powder is all plant based and unlike most plant based protein powders these actually taste good.

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