Are you a lover of waterfalls? So am I! Make sure to visit this waterfall on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta. This is the best waterfall in Puerto Vallarta. I have visited the Puerto Vallarta area twice now and both times I have visited this waterfall.

It is a little difficult to get to the location of this waterfall as it is located off the coastline on a beach called Quimixto. Trust me though it is worth going. Make sure to check out my BLOG on how to get to this island and what to do the rest of the day after you visit the waterfall.

Quimixto is very popular among both the locals and the tourists. It is a small little town on the Bonderas Bay.  The waterfall itself is located about one mile inland from the beach and it is considered to be a part of the La Puerta River. As stated previously, it is a bit difficult to get here-the only way to get the best waterfall in Puerto Vallarta is by boat.

I suggest that you head to the town of Boca De Tomaltan and begin your journey from there. Hire a water taxi out of this town and the captain will give you a ride to the waterfall and back. It is about a 20 min water taxi ride to the beach.

The steps down to the best waterfall in Puerto Vallarta


You will begin your hike off by starting on Los Cocos beach and walk inland. First, you will walk through the tiny fishing village. At the end of the town you will reach a point where you can either hire a mule or horse to take you up to the waterfall or choose to hike. I chose to hike, however, my dad took a mule because he had a torn achilles. The price to ride a horse up and back is about $20-but don’t forget to bargain a little bit.

Follow the riverbed up along a dirt path, through some hills to eventually arrive at the base of the waterfall. Here you will find a little restaurant and a tourist shop that have been built around the waterfall. Tip: If you want to enter the waterfall via the stairs which is across the bridge you will need to purchase something from the restaurant, so make sure to bring cash. If you don’t want to purchase anything/pay the fee to enter then you can enter the waterfall by just climbing over the rocks that are under the bridge.

Make sure to take lots of photos! If you have a tour guide or your boat captain with you and you are up for an adrenaline rush, then ask where the best places to cliff jump are from. The Captain of our boat, Alex, showed us multiple spots to jump from. Don’t worry he jumped too! The second time I visited this waterfall there was also a rope to help pull you up the slippery rocks, so that you can slide back down. I was a little nervous about this at first-thinking it would hurt my bottom, but it didn’t! And it was fun!

In total the hike takes about 30 minutes to get to the top and then another 30 minutes back down. Spend as much time at the waterfall as you want. On a very hot day, this can be such a relaxing place to hangout at. Depending on what season you visit the waterfall in then you may either find a ragin waterfall or a small trickle. I visited both times in  the month of June and it was flowing pretty decently. For some more details here is a detailed article on this waterfall hike.

the best waterfall in puerto vallarta



-watershoes and/or gym shoes


-bug spray





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