Where to Stay in Nuevo Vallarta


Where to Stay in Nuevo Vallarta- Vidanta Resort?

If you are looking for a luxurious and romantic resort to stay at OR a kid friendly place to stay at then Vidanta is just the place for you. Vidanta resorts is a chain of resorts located in different parts of Mexico. Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is set on over 2,500 acres and each of the towers offer different amenities and different “levels or tiers” of resort style that you can stay in. For now, I can only speak to the Vidanta Resort located in Nuevo Vallarta, but I hope to one day visit the other locations.

Per the Vidanta website they describe the Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort as “the ultimate resort location.

My family and I visited Nuevo Vallarta in June of 2017 and we stayed at the “highest tiered” resort otherwise known as the Grand Luxxe Resort. The Grand Luxxe is located about 15 min from the airport and about another 30 minutes from the town of Puerto Vallarta. Vidanta offers five separate hotels located throughout the property and based on which one you are staying in will determine which other resort accommodations you can utilize. For example, if you are staying and one of the more kid friendly resorts then they ask that you not use the facilities at the Grand Luxxe Resort due to the increase in tier. It’s an unfortunate situation at times because the pools are quieter at the Grand Luxxe and more secluded, but I guess that’s the extra price you are paying for the higher leveled resort.

Right along the beautiful beaches of Nuevo Vallarta. Guests will look out to panoramic views from the Ameca River to the Bay of Banderas, along a mile of beachfront. They will be able to navigate through 27 different pools with over nine miles of raised wooden pathways.” There are both adult only pools and kid friendly pools, lots of swim up bars, and 49 different signature restaurants, cafes and bars. You will never go thirsty or hungry; however, your wallet may go empty. Along the beach there are local artists and craftsmen that sell beautiful products.

Side note, if you are Bachelor show fan then you MUST check out this resort. So much has happened here-in fact Chris Harrison owns a complex in one of the resorts on this property. There have been multiple date nights located throughout the property, Carly and Evan got married on the property (the weekend I was there)

There are so many different activities for every age when staying at this property, but you’ll have to check out THIS post for more information on what to do I highly recommend staying at this resort. It may be pricey, but totally worth it. They have so much to offer and it is absolutely stunning and perfect for any occasion.


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