How to stay fit while traveling

Travelling is one of my MOST favorite activities! If it were possible I would travel for a living that’s how much I love it. There is one thing though that I find to be a little difficult to do while traveling. Staying fit.

I have always been into “fitness” whether that be running, doing an ab workout or a workout video-I have always liked the feeling of working out. However, travelling adds some level of difficulty to maintain a fit life. Do not fear though! There are so many ways to stay fit whilst travelling and I am here to share them with you!

1. Find a hotel that has a gym in it

Lots of hotels these days tend to have some sort of gym in them. Most gyms contain at least a treadmill, some free weights, and a few other machines. Unfortunately, one piece of equipment that is always missing in hotel gyms is a squat rack, but your on vacation, so just get some workout in and work with what you got!

2. Choose to walk to places instead of taking an Uber or taxi

This is always a great option especially when you are visiting a city for your vacation. Choose to walk throughout the city to do your sightseeing instead of taking an Uber or taxi.

3. Rent bikes and see your destination that way

This is another great option to get some exercise in! Rent a bike and take a ride around the town you are visiting.

This one is great! There are so many pieces of furniture in your hotel room that you can makeshift into equipment. Use the chair at the desk or the bed to do triceps dips, do some jumping jacks, high knees, etc. for cardio, some pushups on the ground or against the wall for an arm workout and some air squats for that booty!

4. Go for a run

This one is simple. Get out and go for a run. Do it by yourself or go with the other people you are traveling with

5. Do a workout video

This is probably one of my favorite ways to work out while on vacation-especially if there is a gym that provides free weights. It is so simple to do and so easy to follow a 15-minute workout video on your vacation. You feel so good after. If you want to check out some of my favorite, short workout videos then check out the Tone It Up website Here. Obviously, you also have YouTube to find any possible workout video you can think of.

6. Bring a Booty Band with you

Ladies, if you have never heard of a booty band than this one is for you!. This lightweight item packs up so small, so that you can take it with you anywhere. You can workout your hamstrings, quads, inner and outer thigh and there are even arms and ab workouts that you can do with the booty band. It’s such an easy universal item that can create for a great workout. I personally purchased a Tone It Up booty band, but you can fin them all over amazon for cheap!

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