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The infamous words of every surfer. What up brah?

It’s every surfer’s dream to surf the waves of Bali, Indonesia. I wanted to know what it felt like to live out that dream. Or at least attempt to (considering my surfing skills are quite minimal ha-ha). I went in full force and didn’t look back.

Now you ask-how did I do this? Well, let me tell you! I decided to stay at a surf camp for an entire week called Kima Surf in Seminyak. Kima Surf has multiple locations around Bali, but after lots of research I decided Seminyak seemed like it was right in the middle of where I wanted to be and the pictures from the website look absolutely gorgeous. It looked like a resort.

I arrived at Kima Surf, Seminyak and it looked just as pictured online! The staff were so welcoming. They gave us the grand tour of the camp, provided us with our surfboards for the week, and then showed us to our cozy rooms. Here is a list of some of the amenities Kima Surf has to offer.

  • Sleep in a tepee tent if you’d like
  • Or have a nice quiet room with a rain shower
  • 2 pools and a jacuzzi
  • Swim up Bar
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks all offered (breakfast can be included in your reservations)
  • Surfboard Rentals
  • Boat trips to the outer reefs for the more experienced surfers
  • New friends
  • Airport transfers, WiFi, coffee and tea
  • Bicycles
  • Within walking distance to the beak
  • Lots more activities!

A typical day at Kima looked something like this: I would wake up-usually pretty early like 630am-because that’s what surfers do. That’s when the good waves are out.

Can you guess what’s next? An afternoon surf session! Yup-head on back out to the beach for another round then come back to camp for dinner or find something along the strip to eat.

At night, Kima would offer different activities you could partake in-like game night or movie night, etc. There was plenty of time to also sit by the pools and enjoy and refreshing drink (alcoholic or not).

My overall review of this place would be a 10/10. I thought it was the perfect setting for a surfer and had everything you could need. The camp was beautiful itself, it was close to lots of restaurants and just a short scooter ride away from all the nightclubs. I thought it was so neat that they provided you with a surfboard for your entire stay with them along with a rash guard.

Kima Surf was the perfect spot for beginner surfers as well as experienced surfers. Kima offered surfing lessons for beginners and they offered boat rides to the outer reefs for the more experienced surfers. (My brother who is a big surfer and quite good recommended this place as well-he just brought his own surfboard) If you need a place to stay in Seminyak and want to try out “the surfing life” for a week or so, then this place may be the right fit for you!

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