Summary: I am all about finding beautiful locations at a cheap or free price. This article will give you 5 cheap things to do in Bali.

Getting to Bali itself may not be the cheapest flight you will ever take, but if I am being honest with you once you get to Bali you finances will be smooth sailing.

I would consider most things in Bali to be cheap or inexpensive compared to the US. I visited Bali back in 2017 with my husband, then boyfriend, and we found so many ways to save money. Including, saving money on our hotel and airbnb stays.

I am the adventurer in the relationship, so of course, I found all the fun and cheap things to do in Bali. So, let’s get to it!


We were staying in the town of Seminyak for part of our time in Bali, so we decided to make a day adventure out of visiting the Tanah Lot Temple.

It is about an hour long taxi ride from the towns of Seminyak, Canggu and Kuta.

This is one of Bali’s most famous attractions! It is one of 7 an ancient Hindu temples located off the coastline of Bali and is surrounded by the ocean.

Upon your arrival expect to pay about IDR 20,000 which equates to about $2.00 USD.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by a beautiful architectural entrance gate. Inside there are many different shops and offering unique items for sale. It is a short walk down to the temple itself. Prior to heading into the temple itself they request you cleanse in their spiritual water.

I recommend enjoying an afternoon in the onshore town filled with restaurants, shops, cultural dances and even some Luwak coffee.

Then finish your night by watching the sunset and eating dinner from the Terrace up top.

For a full Tanah Lot Temple guide read here.


The Dusun Kuning Waterfall is another cheap thing to do in Bali.

This waterfall is located in the east-central region of Bali and may be a little tricky to get to, but once you find it then it’s all worth it.

I highly recommend taking a scooter/vespa to this waterfall in order to avoid all the traffic. It is about a one hour scooter ride from Ubud. You scooter through lots of rice fields and at the end of the road you will find a sign on the tree directing you which way to hike down.


You should see several signs on your way to the waterfall helping direct you. Upon your arrival, you will see a small ticket office where you will need to stop and pay your entrance fee.

Again, this activity is so cheap. It is IDR 20,000 which equates to about $2.00 USD.

After you pay your entrance fee you are now ready to hike down. The stairs down can be quite slippery, so be careful! You will be walking through a dense jungle, so of course bring bug spray!

It should take you about 15-minutes to hike to the bottom! Don’t forget your swimsuit! Expect the water to be cold, but if you go on a sunny day then it is definitely refreshing.

Surprisingly, when we visited we were the only ones at the waterfall!

Johnny has a great guide with all the details on visiting this waterfall.


Who doesn’t want to hold a cute little monkey. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud allows you to walk around the grounds that is filled with monkeys.

This sanctuary is a natural preserve and Hindu Temple that is filled with thousands of monkeys. Upon arrival to this sanctuary, you will see people selling bananas. Buy them!

But be careful! The monkeys are smart and the second they see you pull out a banana they will jump on you.

Yet, another cheap thing to do in Bali! The entrance fee is around $6 USD and you should plan to spend about 1-2 hours here.

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Finding an elephant park that doesn’t harm the elephants was important to us. We ended up choosing to buy an adventure package with Mason Elephant Park.

Ok, although this is not a cheap thing to do in Bali, I think it is a must do thing. This is Bali’s only elephant rescue facility and trust me you will have a blast.

We bought the adventure package which was hang with the elephants in the morning and then white water raft in the afternoon. We got to bathe the elephants, ride the elephants and swim with them!

Breakfast and lunch were also included in this package deal.

Looking for a complete island guide to Bali? This article may interest you! 


This activity is so cheap that it is free!

You can watch the ocean waves roll up and hit against the cliffs through an opening that creates a blowhole. In order to get to the blow hole itself you will need to hike a bit.

Once you arrive, you will find two observation decks to watch from.

After you visit this attraction head on over to Bingin Beach on your scooter to watch some surfer’s and enjoy a drink and yet another beautiful sunset. 


I hope this article has helped you plan your next adventures in Bali! This list is perfect to get you started.

If I could go back to Bali, I totally would. I wish I would have taken more pictures while I was there.

The scenery is just gorgeous and the cafes are so cute! There are just two many places in the world that I want to visit though!

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