Most Unique Fall Vacations Around the World you May Never Have Thought of

There are so many amazing Fall vacation locations around the world!

When summer ends, there might be a temptation to retreat to our homes for cozy nights. But all around the world, fall is the time when some cities really shine. 

Fall is one of the best times to travel as children return to school and adults are back at work, this means most destinations have fewer crowds, cooler temperatures, and attractions and accommodation tend to be cheaper.

Best Fall getaways around the world

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and stay in a location that may be a bit cheaper during the Fall season then check out the ultimate list of Fall vacation spots below.

Día de Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico

Day of the Dead is the largest fall festival that takes place throughout Mexico. Among the biggest and most elaborate celebrations, the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico is known as one of the entire country’s best cultural events.

The holiday takes place each year on November 1-2, though preparations often start 7-10 days prior. During this elaborate holiday, Downtown Oaxaca turns into one large block party, complete with bands playing traditional music, dancing in the streets and parades.

Dia de Muertos is a sought after even in Mexico which occurs in the Fall

Though this holiday is all about remembering the deceased, it’s not a somber or sad holiday. Rather, Day of the Dead is a chance to celebrate and party with departed loved ones, as it’s said their spirit returns Earthside during this holiday.

Among the most beautiful elements of Day of the Dead are the ofrendas (altars). You’ll see these altars in the streets and outside of homes, and people are encouraged to look at them, and even ask questions about the deceased.

The ofrenda will have marigold flowers, copal incense, candles, pan de muerto (bread of the dead), images of the deceased, and their favorite foods and drinks. It is said that after their long journey back to the Earthly plane, they will be hungry and thirsty!

As the majority of events, parades, and street parties take place in Centro Historico (Historic Downtown), you’ll want to stay there. Some of the best hotels in Downtown Oaxaca are Quinta Real Oaxaca ($$$$), Hotel los Amantes ($$$), Hotel Casona Oaxaca ($$), and Selina Hostel ($).

By Shelley of Travel Mexico Solo


While many people think of Greece as a summer destination, autumn is arguably a better time to visit; therefore making Greece a great Fall vacation destination. In September, the weather is still warm and sunny, making it the perfect time to travel to the Greek islands. There are plenty of islands to choose from, but this is a great time to see famous Santorini and Mykonos without too many other tourists and at more affordable prices. The beautiful beaches will be uncrowded with plenty of space to relax and ferries operate frequently until late October.

Greece's stunning scenery offers a great Fall vacation spot

Later in the season, the days are cooler but still temperate. Spend some time in mainland Greece, exploring Athens, the Peloponnese, Thessaloniki, and the stunning Halkidiki peninsula. As you travel around the country, visit some of the famous Greek ruins while it isn’t too hot and there are fewer tour groups. The Acropolis in Athens and Delphi are the most popular ancient sites while the monasteries of Meteora are also well worth a visit. While the weather is still good, visit some of Greece’s national parks and consider hiking through the Zagori villages in Northern Greece.

For a charming getaway close to Athens, spend a couple of days at the coastal town of Nafplio. With Venetian architecture and fascinating history, it feels a world away from the big city and makes a good base for exploring the nearby archaeological sites of Mycenae and Olympia. Stay at Castellano Hotel in the old town to have everything at your doorstep.

By Roxanne of Faraway Worlds


The Greek island of Milos, situated off the south-eastern coast of Greece, is a perfect destination for an autumn getaway in the sun. 

Milos is part of the Cycladic islands amongst other more famous islands such as Santorini and Mykonos, which are generally overcrowded with tourists and super expensive. Milos is the new trendy island that is yet to be discovered by mainstream tourism. 

Blue waters in Greece

Autumn is the perfect time to visit as most tourists would have already left the island, and accommodation prices are way lower than during the summer. The temperatures on Milos stay in the low twenties throughout September and October, which is ideal for renting a car and exploring all the fantastic beaches on Milos. 

Don’t miss Serakiniko with its moon-like landscape, Tsigrado beach where you’ll have to climb a ladder to get to the beach, and Paleochori beach with red and pink colored rocks. For history buffs, there is Plaka, where you can learn more about the island’s heritage in the Archeological Museum and the Catacombs. If you’re into photography, you’ll visit the traditional fishing village of Klima with its picture-perfect colorful boathouses.

One of the best places to stay in Milos is Adamas that remains lively during the off-season. Stay in Santa Maria Village that comes with a lovely pool. 

By Mal from Raw Mal Roams 

Istria, Croatia

Fall is the perfect time to visit Istria, a stunning region that makes up the entire western peninsula of Croatia. This area is often split up into two regions: Green Istria and Blue Istria.

Green Istria makes up the peninsula’s lush interior, where vineyards and dense forests carpet the land. Wine and olive oil production are prominent, and the peninsula’s farmers are known for producing award-winning wines and oils. The forests are home to Istria’s most prized ingredient, the truffle, which can be tasted in dishes all throughout the region.

Blue Istria extends along the coast of the peninsula, where charming villages meet the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Stone houses, charming Italian-style piazzas, and beautiful seaside promenades make these historic hamlets absolutely irresistible.

Rolling hills in Green Istria, Croatia

Although predominantly a summer destination, guests visiting Istria in the fall can enjoy a wide range of memorable activities without the crowds. Truffle hunting, grape and olive harvesting, and even cycling along the region’s extensive collection of bike paths make for a truly unforgettable fall vacation.

Lone Hotel, located in a secluded bay near the town of Rovinj, is a popular choice among guests in Istria. The modern hotel wows with its impeccable design and is an excellent base for exploring the region.

By Olivia from Inspired by Croatia

Kauai, US

Kauai is one of the best US fall destinations! The island is known for its natural beauty, hiking spots, and scrumptious foods. 

Visit The Allerton Garden – one of the two botanical gardens on the Island. The gardens are home to the world’s largest collection of native Hawaiian species outside the wild. This is one of the best places to visit, learn and photograph rare plants.

Ariel view of Kauai which makes for a great Fall vacation spot

One of the best things to do after a long day of exploring is to admire and photograph sunsets in Kauai.

Kauai Beach Resort & Spa is one of the best places to stay on the island. The hotel has rooms with sea views and modern amenities. 

By Julie of Wandering Sunsets

Lake Bled, Slovenia

You’ve almost certainly seen pictures of it already; a mesmerizingly blue lake surrounded by mountains with a tiny island in the middle and a shiny white church on top of this island. To top it all off there is a medieval castle overlooking it all from its spot on the edge of a big cliff. This is Lake Bled, and while it is a fairy-tale-like destination any time of the year, fall is when it truly comes to its right.

Church in Slovenia

In fall, most of the flocks of tourists have left, and the colorful mixture of autumn red, orange, and yellow makes Lake Bled all the more scenic to watch. The temperature has also dropped to a pleasant 15°C to 20°C, instead of 30°C in summer, and the prices for hotels also drop significantly. 

If you’re looking to stay overnight (which you really should because there are loads to do in the area!) then have a look at Villa Bled. This extravagant villa is located on the shore of the lake and it is pure luxury. It used to be former president Tito’s summer residence and it is easy to see why. Or if the villa is a bit out of budget, then have a look at the best hotels in Lake Bled.

By Tom & Zi from Craving Adventure

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