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Spring is just ending and summer is now beginning! many families look forward to the strawberry fields located in Carlsbad California just North of San Diego City. This is one of the most popular Strawberry Fields in San Diego County because u pick strawberries right off the vine!

This article is going to give you a complete guide on visiting the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields: however, this guy can probably apply to Strawberry Fields all over the world.

My mom and I visited Carlsbad strawberry company fields the last weekend of May. It was a beautiful and sunny day end it’s the perfect activity together. we grabbed lunch at Norte on the Carlsbad strip prior to picking our fresh strawberries.


The Carlsbad Strawberry Fields have been around for multiple generations. Four generations to be exact. These strawberries are some of the most delicious strawberries you will ever find. I can definitely attest to that.

You can find these strawberry fields on the 25-acres of land located just off the Interstate-5 in Carlsbad. U pick strawberries are daily from 9am-5pm. The fields are open weather permitting, please call ahead if it is raining or you expect there to be a lot of money to make sure they are open. 


I figured it would be fun to give you guys some fun facts about strawberries prior to your visit to make your experience just a little more interesting.

Did you know California produces 75% of the strawberry crops in the United States?

Strawberries aren’t the first fruit to ripen in the spring season.

Strawberries are technically part of the Rose family so make sure to stop and smell the roses I’ll see u pick your strawberries.

This is the only fruit with external seeds and the average strawberry has 20 seeds on its surface.

They begin as a little bud in a flower. See the progression of pictures below as to how strawberry forms from beginning to end.


Considering that California produces 75% of the strawberry crops then you have to believe that these strawberries from Carlsbad are some of the freshest strawberries out there.

You will notice that picking strawberries directly off the vine makes them even sweeter and more flavorful than just buying them at the regular old grocery store. 

So how does it work?

You will arrive at the fields and park in a dirt parking lot. Once you exit your car you will head up to the old stands and pay for your bucket in order to pick your strawberries. You will receive a ticket along with your bucket and then head to the entrance to the fields.

U pick strawberries is $10 for a small bucket and 1 ticket and $22 for a large bucket and two admission tickets. Credit cards are accepted. 

You will give your ticket to the person at the gate and then head on in.

There are a few rules that the Carlsbad strawberry company asks that you follow

Currently, they are asking that everyone wears a mask. They ask that you pay first prior to picking. 

Please do not step on the plants, do not jump over the rows of strawberries. 

Please do not bring your own buckets or bags in. No pets and please do not overfill your buckets. There is plenty of strawberries for everyone as long as you don’t overfill yours. 🙂

Lastly, they ask that you do not pick the stems as this is how the strawberries regrow.  


This is pretty straightforward, but I highly recommend you wear some sunscreen for those sunny days. Always gotta protect that pretty face of yours. 

Make sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. I wore my brand new white Seavees and that could have been a huge mistake as some areas were muddy. Thankfully, I was super cautious and only got one small stain on them. 

I have linked my Seavess below though because they are still really cute and super comfortable.

I would recommend bringing a light jacket considering the strawberry fields are close to the ocean and you might experience the ocean breeze. 

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I have linked my photography gear here! This is the exact stuff I use to take my photos.


Strawberry season comes and goes quickly so make sure to get out there before they are all gone. But don’t worry once the strawberry season is over this farm begins preparing for the fall season! They create corn mazes and grow pumpkins!

If you aren’t able to make it out there for u pick strawberries portion you can always grab a bucket of these fresh berries from the local strawberry stands nearby. Check out the locations here.

Lastly, the city of Vista holds a strawberry festival every year with lots of fun activities for the kids, carnival rides, contests, and all things strawberry related. Make sure to check out this website for details and dates!

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