How To Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas with Stanley

Tips On How To Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas

For an eco-friendly Christmas this year and for years to come, use these top tips for the best upcycled, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly holiday. 

Sustainably Wrap Your Gifts

Instead of creating waste by buying plastic single-use gift bags and wrapping paper, utilize recycled or recyclable materials to reduce waste. 

Other ways to promote an eco-friendly Christmas include swapping gift wrapping paper with fabric like scarves, recyclable paper bags that can be sourced from your local grocery store, reusing cardboard shipping boxes, or buying eco-friendly gift wrapping products like compostable paper tape. 

Gift Quality Over Quantity

Buying a gift that will last can reduce waste, save money, and encourage an eco-friendly Christmas this year. 

There are quite a few types of long-lasting quality gifts to consider. A hip flask made with an unbreakable and sleek design of cold-rolled steel made to fit smoothly into your hip pocket.

A double-wall vacuum-insulated tumbler to keep your drink chilled for hours paired with a reusable straw to minimize waste and designed with recycled stainless-steel construction to last a lifetime.

The perfect sustainable, eco-friendly Christmas gift for campers and adventure-goers is this camp pro cookset. The 3-ply stainless steel design promotes even heat distribution while cooking meals and is paired with collapsible tools like a cutting board, silicone trivets, and more! 

Make Your Own Christmas Garland

Buying loads of plastic decorations for Christmas increases plastic waste which can be avoidable with eco-friendly alternatives. 

Instead of buying a Christmas garland at the store, consider making your own. Some eco-friendly garland ideas include a dried orange garland or a handmade wreath made from branches in your yard.

Create Upcycled Christmas Stars With The Kids

Origami stars are a terrific alternative to plastic light-up stars and can be a perfect family activity to engage the kids in to create these nifty decorations. Use upcycled paper like magazines or newspapers to establish this eco-friendly Christmas decoration. 

Reuse Candle Jars For Gifting & Decorations

An excellent method to recycle used products, candle jars are perfect for gifting and decorating, especially since candle jars have neat and creative designs already. Less work for you!

Pour boiling water into the container to remove the excess wax from your old candle jar. Let it sit so the boiling water can melt the wax. The melted wax will float to the top as the water cools. This makes for easy wax removal and an eco-friendly gifting and decorative tool for Christmas. 

With the cleaned-out candle jar, there are a few different ways you can use it. As a decorative item, place a tealight inside and add a ribbon around the outside with the finishing touch of a bow. You can add other decorative touches, like cinnamon sticks, a small pine branch, garlands, or whatever suits your fancy. For a gifting box, the reusable candle jar can hold small gifts and treats, like candy. To hide the gift’s contents, if you have a clear candle jar, use an upcycled magazine or newspaper to place inside around the outside and add your gifts in the center.

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