Backpacking for Thanksgiving: A.C.S.R Park

Here I am again! Talking about what to do for your Thanksgiving! One of my upcoming posts will be about hiking Machu Picchu on Thanksgiving Day and what a blast it was! So, I wanted to share another Thanksgiving trip idea with you all!

Unfortunately, my current job (as a nurse) requires us to rotate between what holidays I work. This year-I was supposed to work Thanksgiving; however, we were overstaffed enough that they let me have the day off last minute!

My husband (Dan) and I had tentatively planned to go backpacking in case this scenario happened- and it did. Due to receiving a phone call so early letting me know I got work off-Dan and I got up and made a nice hearty breakfast before heading out on our trek.

Get this though-Dan and I were following the Whole30 plan and there was NO WAY we were going to break our Whole30 eating habits. We were already half-way through, so we had to find a way to work around it. The meals we ate were probably the most random meals and heaviest foods to bring backpacking.

We brought all raw veggies and fresh fruit-talk about heavy, Whole30 approved hot dogs, cinnamon covered baked apples we were on our way! We headed out to Armstrong Woods which is only about 1.5hrs from the city of SF. Our hike was through Armstrong Woods and ending at Manning Flat (another popular camping spot on the way is T. King).

Are Permits Required?
Yes! Here a particular permit is required for camping in this area and the back-country campsites. You can register at the entrance to the park in person at the little kiosk. There are no advanced booking any more or self-registration permitted for these sites.  Check in time starts at 2pm.

The Campsite
You can find this

The Hike
The Hike itself is a pretty quick hike! We started the hike around 1pm and finished at 4pm. It is about 8 miles round trip. The hike in is a big downhill all the way to Tom King and Manning Flats campsite. Therefore, the hike back is pretty much all uphill.

Are Fires Allowed?
Yes! They have fire rings already there for you 🙂

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  1. Woke up to this post. So inspiring to hear how you adjusted, yet stayed with your food routine, and pulled off a special Thanksgiving! Love your “where there is a will, there is a way” attitude. Thanks for inspiring me and others with your abounding joy. Keep these posts coming.

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