Shhhh 15 Best Speakeasies in San Diego You CAN’T Miss

Shhhh you aren’t supposed to know about these.

Haha just kidding, but back in the day speakeasies were definitely hidden little secrets that only certain people knew about. And guess what!? San Diego has tons of speakeasies in the area that you’re not going to want to miss.

What is a speakeasy bar?

Complete Guide to San Diego Speakeasies

Speakeasies began to form as the Prohibition era began. These were essentially known as “hidden bars” where liquor was tucked away in cabinets disguised as something else.

The term speakeasy actually originated because people needed to talk quietly or “speak easy” about the location of these hidden bars.

Obviously, speakeasies are no longer needed; however, over the past decade, it has become popular for these hidden bars to be created to reenact the 1920s era.

So, give your date night a standby on the dinner and drinks an upgrade with a cocktail (or two) at one of San Diego’s speakeasy bars. Finding these places is half the fun, and will spice up any date night. Reservations are essential, especially if you’re wanting to visit on Valentine’s Day or any major holiday!

My best tip is to go on a mid-week day for your best chances at a reservation and small crowds.

Find Your Favorite Speakeasy San Diego Bars 

Without further ado here is a complete list of all the speakeasies in San Diego. I give you all the information needed from the neighborhood, to the address to the hours open.

San Diego Speakeasies

Checking out speakeasies is always so much fun! I have compiled this list of the best speakeasies in San Diego for you!

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    1. False Idol

    • Neighborhood: Little Italy Downtown San Diego
    • Address: 675 W Beech St, San Diego, CA 92101
    • Hours: Open 5 pm-2 am Sat and Sun, 6 pm-2 am Mon-Fri

    Are you feeling something a bit more tropical? This Little Italy tiki lounge is focused on all things rum. False Idol Tiki bar is accessed inside Craft & Commerce, just past the walk-in coolers which leads to a dimly lit, tropical-themed space. 

    You can find the walls covered in palm fronds and bamboo!

    On the menu, you will find lots of delicious drinks and most of their unique cocktails are served in a tiki-style mug as well!

    Reservations are available online via OpenTable, and they set aside tables each night for walk-ins.

    2. Noble Experiment

    • Neighborhood: East Village, Downtown San Diego
    • Address: 777 G St, San Diego, CA 92101
    • Hours: Open 6 pm-2 am Tues-Sun

    The East Village bar, Noble Experiment, is tucked away in the back of the casual eatery Neighborhood, behind a wall of kegs.

    Once inside you will find vintage decor as well as an old-fashioned bar. Noble Experiment offers a unique experience for each customer. The bartenders will work with each and every individual on creating a deliciously yummy cocktail fit just for them!

    Reservations are recommended, but they do set aside some seating for walk-ins but prepare for a long wait if you go that route. Reservations are available online.

    3. Raised By Wolves

    Raised by Wolves restaurant and bar in San Diego
    • Neighborhood: Little Italy Downtown San Diego
    • Address: 4301 La Jolla Village Drive #2030, San Diego, CA 92122
    • Hours: Open 4 pm-midnight Sun-Thurs, 4 pm-2 am Fri-Sat

    If your honey’s planning some shopping attached to your date night, first of all, lucky you. Second of all, don’t avoid speakeasy bars just because some of them are hiding in plain sight at the mall. Raised by Wolves is hidden inside its retail store by the same name, and accessed via a rotating fireplace.

    Yes, it’s that Harry Potter-esque kind of speakeasy bar in San Diego. Reservations are the way to go at this one, as they only offer walk-in spots if there’s a cancellation or a no-show.

    4. Occulto 47

    • Neighborhood: Old Town, San Diego
    • Address: 2414 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110
    • Hours: Open 6 pm-11 pm Tues-Fri, 6 pm-midnight Sat-Sun, closed Mon.

    Located in Old Town San Diego, you can find this newish speakeasy bar, Occulto 47. Adjacent to the cemetery, enter this speakeasy through Tajona. Upon entry, visitors will find a cozy 25-seat room with over 475 lights.

    Occulto 47 is focused on making cocktails with agave spirits and there is even a mezcal tasting room.

    5. Realm of 52 Remedies

    • Neighborhood: Kearny Mesa, San Diego
    • Address: 4805 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111
    • Hours: Open 5 pm-11 pm Sun-Fri, 5 pm-2 am Fri-Sun

    In order to find the Realm of 52 Remedies you must first head inside Common Theory and look for the white door. Once you pass through the door you will be met with jars of exotic herbs and a giant piece of paper with old recipes written on it. The lounge area is dimly lit and the bar itself is decorated beautifully.

    This is a unique experience as the cocktails are mixed and the food is matched to each drink.

    6. The Grass Skirt

    The Grass Skirt San Diego speakeasy
    • Neighborhood: Pacific Beach, San Diego
    • Address: 910 Grand Ave, San Diego, CA 92109
    • Hours: Open 5 pm-11 pm Mon-Wed, 5 pm-12 am Thurs-Sun

    The Grass Skirt is another popular tiki-themed speakeasy in San Diego that is located in Pacific Beach. Walk yourself through a refrigerator door and be greeted by the vibrant, island-inspired tiki bar. My favorite part is the giant tiki statue found right when you walk in on the left-hand side.

    Not only do they offer cocktails, but they also serve Polynesian-inspired dishes which are so tasty!

    Lastly, during the month of December, False Idol goes all out with their decorations. You can get a sneak peek of what their speakeasy looks like at Christmas time right here.

    7. Vin de Syrah

    • Neighborhood: Gaslamp Downtown San Diego
    • Address: 901 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
    • Hours: Open 5 pm-12 am Tues-Thurs, 5 pm-130am Fri-Sun, closed Mondays

    This is a wine bar in the heart of downtown San Diego. Known for its eclectic decor, Vin de Syrah was inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland. You will find lots of whimsical-themed decor upon entering through the grass-covered door.

    You can also find a small food menu featuring charcuterie boards and artisan cheeses to go along with your wine.

    8. Captian’s Quarters

    • Neighborhood: Pacific Beach, San Diego
    • Address: 910 Grand Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109
    • Hours: Open 5 pm-11 pm Mon-Wed, 5 pm-midnight Thurs-Sun Sat and Sun

    This is the newest of all the speakeasies in San Diego and you will not want to miss this one. It was actually created and developed by the same owner of the Grass Skirt Speakeasy in San Diego.

    Captian’s Quarters is a cocktail bar that is inspired by 17th-century ships. This location transports guests on a luxurious and moody adventure across the high seas.

    Here you will find an elevated menu filled with smoked salmon poppers and even caviar bumps.

    9. Prohibition Lounge

    • Neighborhood: Gaslamp Quarter, Downtown San Diego
    • Address: 548 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
    • Hours: Open 8 pm-130am Sun-Sat

    You will be transported to another era when you visit the Prohinition Lounge Speakeasy in San Diego. Here you can find live music and eclectic lighting that resembles the 1920s era.

    Here is how to find this location: Look for the door to Eddie O’Hare’s Law Office. Once you find it they will flip the light switch on for you and send you down.

    10. Room 56

    • Neighborhood: Gaslamp Quarter, Downtown San Diego
    • Address: 831 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
    • Hours: Open 7 pm-2 am Sun-Wed, Closed Mon-Tues

    This downtown speakeasy is hidden deep inside the Moxy San Diego. In order to access Room 56, you will have to enter the mezzanine library and walk through a bookcase.

    Making a reservation for this place is mysterious in itself. You will text the code word to the number displayed. From there you will select a specific red book off the wall and will be greeted by the “librarian” and led down a winding staircase to this dark cocktial bar.

    Reservations are most definitely recommend for this speakeasy.

    11. Part Time Lover

    • Neighborhood: North Park, San Diego
    • Address: 3829 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104
    • Hours: Open 4 pm-2 am every day

    I’m not sure this one is technically considered a speakeasy; however, I would categorize it as one as it is tucked away and you wouldn’t know it was a bar just from looking at it on the street.

    Part Time Lover is a newly renovated Japanese inspired listening bar and record store. Here you will find Japanese highball cocktails as well vinyl music being played from their sound system.

    Personally, I think this spot makes for a great and unique first date location. Reservations are NOT needed for this cocktail bar.

    12. Bar Three Piece

    • Neighborhood: North Park, San Diego
    • Address: 3054 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104
    • Hours: Open 8 pm-2 am every day

    This bar features a modern and stylish interior design, with a long wooden bar, comfortable seating, and dim lighting. At Bar Three Piece you will find craft cocktails along with other fun and unique drinks. The bartenders are known for their expertise in mixology!

    In addition to cocktails, you can also grab a small plate of appetizers to pair with your drinks.

    13. Mothership

    • Neighborhood: South Park, San Diego
    • Address: 2310 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104
    • Hours: Open 430 pm-midnight Mon-Fri, 230 pm-midnight Sat-Sun

    Mothership is unlike any other speakeasy in San Diego. You won’t be transported to the 1920s era, instead you will be taken to another planet.

    To access this location, open the door at the corner of Juniper and 30th Street. The back of that door is covered in a hyper-blue rock formation. I am not going to go into detail about this location, because I think it truly just needs to be experienced yourself.

    It is extremely hard to get reservations for Mothership, so if you want to go to this speakeasy make sure to plan far in advance.

    14. Young Blood

    • Neighborhood: Gaslamp Quarter, Downtown San Diego
    • Address: 777 G St, San Diego, CA 92101
    • Hours: Open 6 pm-2 am every day

    Young Blood is a warmly-lit speakeasy found in downtown San Diego. As I am writing this article, I am realizing a lot of these speakeasies are in the downtown area. Maybe you could knock them all out in one day! haha

    Young Blood offers pre-paid courses for you and reservations are required. They do not take walk-ins. To enter, you must pay $65 for the experience which gets you three cocktail drinks prepared specifically for your taste.

    15. Bonus: Temecula Speakeasy Apparition Room

    Speakeasy in Temecula, CA
    • Neighborhood: Old Town Downtown Temecula
    • Address: 28693 Old Town Front St #105, Temecula, CA 92592
    • Hours: Open 4 pm-9 pm Tues-Thurs, 4 pm-11 pm Fri, 2 pm-11 pm Sat, 1 pm-9 pm Sun, closed on Mondays

    This is a bonus speakeasy for you that is outside of San Diego, but still within driving distance. If you are ever in Temecula then head over to Devil’s Dozen and enter the Apparition Room through the secret door.

    If you are looking for a full weekend itinerary to Temecula make sure to check out my Youtube video below.

    Let’s be honest, San Diego definitely has no shortage of bars, but I hope you found this article helpful in finding something a little more unique to do. New San Diego Speakeasies are constantly popping up, so make sure to come back to this article occasionally to check up on the latest speakeasy around town….or maybe I shouldn’t be telling this information as it is supposed to be top secret!

    15 Best Speakeasies in San Diego You CAN’T Miss

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