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Is there anything better than spending some time in the great outdoors? Whether you enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, or kayaking there is a lot of fun to be had in the outdoors. However, sometimes the equipment can get a bit expensive, especially for high-quality gear that is built to last.

The last thing that you need when you are miles from anywhere is an equipment failure, right? 

Girl sitting in tent with views of the trees

Fortunately, there are some great options for buying discounted outdoor gear whether you are just getting started and have a limited budget, are looking to upgrade your existing gear, or just need to expand the outdoor gear that you currently have.

Considering you are reading where to buy discounted outdoor gear, I assume you are a saver like me. After you get all your gear then read how you can use this gear and find free camping spots!

Here are some excellent options for you to consider when you are shopping for discounted outdoor gear.


1. The Clymb

The Clymb is an online retailer of outdoor gear that offers daily and weekly discounts on all different kinds of outdoor gear and equipment. You will have to subscribe with your email, which is free to you, to see all of the discounts on name brand outdoor gear.

The email subscription is helpful because the discounted deals they offer don’t usually last for more than a week. 

Tent with views of Alabama HIlls

2. Steep & Cheap

Steep&Cheap is an online outdoor gear retailer run by Backcountry. Steep&Cheap offers name brand outdoor gear, clothing, and shoes for any outdoor adventure that you can think of.

You can find name brand outdoor gear here for as much as 80% off. They offer current steals, bargain bins, brand steals, and category steals, inventory changes frequently so check back often. 

3. REI Good & Used

Did you know that REI Good & Used allows you to send in gently used REI outdoor clothing and gear for REI gift cards? You can also shop at the REI Good & Used store for high quality gear at a steep discount.

All of the clothing and gear is inspected by the outdoor gear professionals at REI, so that you can have confidence in the used equipment or clothing that you buy. 

Girl snowshoeing in Mammoth Mountain area

REI also hosts “REI garage sales” on a quarterly basis. During these garage sales you can find tons and tons of used gear or even brand new gear that they need to get rid of. However, you will need to line up early, I am talking like 5am or earlier for these salse.

People go crazy for them! Some even camp out in a tent outside the store the night before that’s how good the discounts are. You’ve been warned, the good stuff goes early!

4. Trade/Borrow 

Trade outdoor equipment or borrow it from friends and family members until you can get your own. Maybe you have a family member or friend that has equipment that they no longer use and maybe you do too.

See if it would be possible to make a gear swap that benefits both of you. Alternatively, if you have a friend or family member that is an outdoor enthusiast they may be willing to let you borrow outdoor equipment, just make sure that you return it in good condition. 

Girl sitting in front of tent that she got from a discounted outdoor gear website
Girl in her car as a part of a car camping trip

And once you get all your own gear I encourage you to pass on the favor and allow others to borrow and test out your gear when they are new!

5. GearTrade 

GearTrade is an online marketplace of used and discounted outdoor gear where the gear is sold by the owner. You can find bicycles, tents, rafts, and all kinds of great outdoor gear on this website at great prices. This is also a wonderful place for you to sell any gear that you no longer use. 

6. Facebook Groups and Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace, and the many buy, sell, trade, and outdoor groups that you will find there are excellent places to look for gently used outdoor gear at discounted prices.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on Facebook Market place try searching for “outdoor gear exchange” with your local area or state included.

Girl with her coffee while out camping

Many Facebook sellers are willing to ship if you find some outdoor gear that isn’t local to your area, and Facebook has a built-in payment system to help protect you from fraud. 

7. Craig’s List

Craig’s List is an excellent place to search in your local area for used outdoor gear. Just make sure that you meet in a public place, the local sheriff’s or police department often has a meet-up spot with cameras, and check the gear thoroughly before exchanging cash. 

8. Camp Saver & Camp Saver Outlet

Camp Saver is an online outdoor gear store that sells both big, and smaller brand name outdoor gear. Camp Saver is a great place to look for all kinds of outdoor gear from sleeping bags, hiking gear, kayaks, and more.

For even better deals on your outdoor gear check out the Camp Saver Outlet. Most of the gear is from last year, which means you get incredible savings on brand new gear, in last year’s colors, but let’s be honest, last year’s colors were better anyway right? 

9. Outdoor Gear Exchange

Outdoor Gear Exchange is a great place to find new and lightly used gear online for very reasonable prices. They have outdoor gear and clothing for all sizes and sports.

They also offer a price match guarantee, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that if your gear doesn’t meet your expectations you can simply return it. Outdoor Gear Exchange also gives you a place to consign outdoor gear that you don’t need anymore.

Girl with her backpacking gear from a discounted outdoor gear website

When your items sell you can either opt for cash or a check or store credit that you can use for even more outdoor gear. 

10. MooseJaw

MooseJaw is an online outdoor gear retailer, owned by Walmart as its parent company. They offer a great selection of all types of outdoor clothing, shoes, and gear.

Not only do they have amazing gear, and they also have a rebate program that allows you to earn store credit for every dollar that you spend, which means you can get even more gear!

They also offer free shipping on any order of more than $49 and a price match guarantee. 

11. Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play started out as an online retailer of kayaks and kayaking gear but has since expanded its inventory to cover a wide range of outdoor gear, clothing, and equipment. In addition to their expansive inventory, they also have a large sale section, in addition to offering great promotions all year long. 

12. Patagonia Worn Wear

Not going to lie, Patagonia, is probably one of my more favorite outdoor clothing brands. However, I struggle with how expensive their cute clothes are. Don’t fear! There is a solution and it is called Worn Wear.

Girl wearing a pink sweater from Patagonia Worn Wear

This is Patagonia’s version of used clothes. This pink sweater I am wearing in the photo above is from this website!

You can actually trade in your used Patagonia gear and they will give you a credit for your next purchase. Patagonia then either resells the piece that you traded in or re-purposes it into unique Patagonia wear.


When buying discounted outdoor gear from resale websites or personal people selling their gear there are a few things you should do to keep yourself safe.


1.If meeting up with someone in person make sure it is in a public place and bring a friend with you.

2. Inspect the item prior to purchasing and don’t offer payment ahead of time.

3. Make sure the item is in good condition prior to purchasing as these are used gear items.


I personally love finding a good deal and one way I am able to afford certain items is by purchasing them in the off-season.

Most big stores, like REI, will also have an end-of-the-season sale, so keep an eye out for these as you can find some gems.

Another practical way to get discounted gear would be to purchase around major holidays. Again, stores like REI will tend to have Labor Day or Black Friday sales. This is a great time to purchase those items you have always wanted.


The high cost of quality outdoor gear, shouldn’t prevent anyone from being able to get out in the fresh air and participate in the activities that they enjoy.

So, use this list of great outdoor equipment resources, to help you find the gear that you want and need without having to spend a fortune.

You can find high-quality discounted outdoor gear as long as you know where to look for it.

Is there a resource that you use to find discounted outdoor gear that we missed? If so, please share it with your fellow outdoor enthusiasts in the comments. 

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