Can you believe Christmas is already almost here?

In some ways, it seems like this year has gone by so slow and in other ways so fast. I feel like we just celebrated Christmas. 

But, I can’t complain! Christmas is my favorite time of year! So, this year I decided to write some gift guides to help you shop! First up! Your ultimate guide to gifts for outdoorsy women

The older I get, the more outdoorsy I have become. As each day goes by I feel like I fall in love with the mountains and the outdoors even more! 

I have turned my Instagram into posts all about the outdoors and I have now written tons of articles on the great outdoors. Like how to go camping or backpacking for the first time ever. 

Gift guide for outdoorsy women

I think COVID has, in a way, turned us all into outdoor lovers. We have had to learn to adapt our lives from doing things indoors to now doing them outdoors!

Whether you are female yourself or a boyfriend/husband to an outdoorsy lady this article is perfect for you! This article gives both budget friendly options as well as a few “name brand” items that are a bit more expensive. 

Now let me guide you on this gift guide for outdoorsy women!


There is no better way than to enter the Holiday season looking cute. The gear below is my latest adventure apparel that I have been loving. 

Puff Ball Beanie

My favorite beanie brand is the CC brand because some of their beanies allow for you to put a ponytail through the top. However, I recently purchased this red beanie with the little poof ball on top and it is so freaking warm and caaauuteee!

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Hiking Socks

I have become a hiking sock snob haha. My favorite hiking socks are made out of Merino Wool. They are more eco-friendly, they are comfortable and they help with sweat-wicking. 

Lululemon Align dupe pants from Amazon

I love finding things I love for a good deal! These pants look just like the Align pants from lululemon. The material is a little different, but still just as comfortable.

Puffy Jacket

Ahh a classic gift for outdoorsy women. I mean what girl doesn’t own at least one puffy if not more? I just purchased this puffy from Eddie Bauer and love the color. 


If you love the outdoors as well or know someone who loves the outdoors, then you know that hiking shoes and books can make or break your trip. 

I’ve been a hiker for many years now, so I have learned a thing or two about choosing the right shoe! 

I am always trying out new shoes while hiking, so I wanted to share my latest favorites with you. Prior to buying a pair of shoes to hike in you will need to ask yourself a few questions:

-How long is the hike you are going on?

-Are you prone to rolling ankles?

-Do you prefer a low ankle or mid ankle boot?

You will also need to determine if you need waterproof vs non waterproof shoes. 

For those outdoorsy ladies who like to backpack and do long hikes you will need a sturdier boot. 

Below are my two recommendations for sturdier ankle-high boots.


I have had KEEN shoes for a while now and love them! They fit great and are comfy! These boots are lightweight, breathable, and still offer a good amount of support. They are also waterproof. 


My latest 2020 hiking boot purchase was the Timberland boots. Ladies, I am in LOVE with these boots!

They are comfy, cute, and sturdy! I just love the red laces with the brown leather look. These are water-resistant and not waterproof. 

If you are going on a shorter hiking trip and don’t need the ankle support then I recommend the following low profile ankle hiking boot

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The Salomon Outline GTX hiking shoe is perfect because they are a mix of trail runners and hiking boots. My mom has these shoes and they offer her great support after having foot surgery. 


Accessories! The best part of every outfit! You can still accessorize even in the outdoors!

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Affordable hiking backpack

This hiking backpack is my new favorite bag. I purchased it for my Patagonia trip and fell in love. It is the perfect size for all your day gear + it is waist straps for extra support. 

Stanley Pour Over Coffee

I have been bringing this Stanley Pour over coffee with me on all my latest hiking trips. It is lightweight, easy to pack, and makes for a great way to have coffee at the top of the mountain. 

Adventure Mug

Well if you are going to have coffee at the top of the mountain then you will need a cute mug to drink it out of. I love this adventure mug! It is lightweight and cute

Cutlery & Medal Straw

I don’t say this to sound cocky, but I get asked all the time how I keep my teeth so white. My answer: I drink all my drinks through a straw. I am working on switching over to all eco-friendly products and a metal straw is one of them as well as reusable cutlery while camping!

Stanley Tumbler Water Bottle

If you read the description for the product above then you know I love drinking with straws. The Stanley Tumbler is perfect because it holds a ton of water and it fits in a car cup holder and bonus it comes with a straw!

Grazerbar Snacks

My new favorite hiking snack: Grazerbar! These bars are so delicious and so healthy! There are 3 different flavors that fit well with each part of the day. A morning, mid-afternoon, and evening bar!

Complete Camping Starters Kit

This camping starters kit is the perfect gift if you are looking to get the whole get up at once. It has everything you need to get started camping. You do not need name brand items to get started!


This adventure full kitchen cook set from Stanley is one of my favorite cookware sets to get you started for cooking while camping! I used my set just last weekend and it had everything I needed.


Most outdoorsy women love to take photos of themselves and their friends while they are hiking! Check out my favorite gadgets to use when I am in the outdoors. 

DJI Drone

I recently got this mini drone and it has been so fun! My previous drone was huge, bulky and so hard to fly. This one makes you feel like a pro at flying drones. It is a great beginner’s drone.

Canon Mirrorless RP DSLR

I currently have a Canon 5D mark ii but plan to upgrade to the Canon Mirrorless RP DSLR camera. I tested it out on my latest trip to Washington and was immediately sold. It is perfect for hiking because it is so lightweight and the quality is just stunning. 


I love taking my GoPro on my longer international trips. It is so easy to video with, it is waterproof, and you can easily upload the video footage to your phone. 

SD Card transfer device

If you love taking photos like me, but don’t want to lug your computer around to be able to upload them quickly this device allows you to upload them straight from the SD card to your phone.


Gifts for outdoorsy women are no longer difficult for you to find after reading this gift guide! Let me know if you have any favorite outdoorsy products that you think I should add to this list!

I have used all of the products above and can say that I love them all! That is why they made it on this list!

Merry early Christmas!

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