A Complete Eco Travel Guide

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If I had to choose one thing I have learned during the horrendous year of 2020, I would choose how important it is to live a more eco-friendly life. Now, considering I traveled quite often, in the year 2020, I had to learn and teach myself how I can still travel but make it a more eco travel lifestyle. 

Throughout the year, I took the time to learn how to compost, how to reduce my carbon footprint, and how I can live more sustainably. Whether that be through becoming a more water-conscious traveler or just finding sustainable products to use, I have learned a lot! 

Eco-travel has become more popular over the past few years and I have created a guide on what steps you can take to become more sustainable when traveling. 


We all probably know that traveling by airplane increases our carbon footprint; however, for some people travel is a means to their job. So, if you are one of those people, then eco-travel is for you! 

Horses in a grass field in front of mountains.

Essentially, this means to travel responsibly. 

If you care about reducing your carbon footprint then you are already off to a good start!


Honestly, the ultimate way I have found over the past few years is to reduce my carbon footprint by flying less and choosing to hike or camping in more local destinations. 

This had especially become relevant during the pandemic as I tried to focus on local eco-travel and ways I could be more sustainable. 

If you do choose to fly places here are some things to consider to help you be a more eco-friendly traveler:

Choose an eco-friendly airline: The current competing airlines for being the most eco-friendly are Delta and Alaska airlines.

What goes into being an eco-friendly airline? Do they serve vegan meal options, is there silverware compostable, do they recycle? These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing an airline. 

Another great tip is to choose a flight with the least amount of stops to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Find Eco-Friendly Accomodations: More and more hotels are popping up that are eco-friendly and sustainable all across the world. 

When looking for eco-friendly accommodation you can use websites like EcoBnb and Green Pearls

Go Camping or Backpacking: This is one of the best ways I have found to do eco-travel because you don’t have to travel far to do this. l. So, let;s talk about some of my favorite sustainable eco-friendly outdoor products.


Reusable water bottle: My favorite water bottle in the entire world and I literally take it with me everywhere. I love water bottles that have straws

Chelsey in car reading a map with her eco-friendly Stanley water bottle.

Camping Cookware Set: This is the perfect cookware set for camping! It has everything you need and also packs up so nicely. 

Coffee System: Instead of purchasing a coffee from Starbucks or using single-use coffee packets when out camping or backpacking I recommend the Stanley pour-over, coffee maker. 

Chelsey in front of the Grand Tetons with her Stanley pour over coffee maker
Chelsey sitting by like with Stanley French Press

Dan and I used this on our road trip around Wyoming and it worked perfectly. We boiled some hot water with our small backpacking stove and poured it over our coffee. 

Metal Straw: When I am not drinking out of my water bottle with a straw, I use a metal straw for everything else. I take this portable foldable straw with me. 

I also have a ton more outdoorsy eco-friendly products I love that you can read bout!


Take it one step at a time. If you feel overwhelmed there is no need to jump in head first. Take little bits of time to learn about how to be more sustainable and I promise you it will come with time!

I hope you found this article helpful and I would love to know how you try to live a sustainable lifestyle?

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